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Zenitsu Agatsuma vs. Spider Demon (Son)

A battle between Zenitsu Agatsuma and Spider Demon (Son) took place on Natagumo Mountain. It revolves around Zenitsu Agatsuma, a demon slayer, and the spider demon (son).

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In search of Nezuko, Zenitsu and Chuntaro cross Mount Natagumo together. Zenitsu is terrified of spooky, dark, and forested areas. He is even picked off by something, and he becomes frustrated that he cannot locate Tanjiro or Inosuke. Foul odors, multiple paths, and the rustling of spiders around his feet irritate the loud Demon Slayer.

Zenitsu turns to tell him to stop after hearing another noise behind him and is startled to see a spider with a human face. Zenitsu, terrified, flees screaming for his life. He comes across a small house dangling from spider threads.

Several humans are caught in the webs after being poisoned by spider venom. A foul odor pervades the air, and a massive spider with a demon’s head emerges from the house. Zenitsu rejects the creepy monster’s advances and flees. The spider demon tells him it’s pointless now that he’s been injected with venom by a spider. In less than an hour, the poison will turn him into a spider. The demon makes the weeping Demon Slayer relive the harrowing details of the transformation minute by minute to terrify him.

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A swarm of humanoid spiders crawls across Zenitsu, scaring the Demon Slayer away once more. Despite the demon’s claims to the contrary, he runs to a tree. The spider demon threatens to give the cowardly boy an extra dose of poison to turn him into a spider faster if he tries to ignore the monster.

Zenitsu, desperate, tries to hide from the demon. Zenitsu recalls his master chastising him for fleeing. This is how he got his yellow hair after being struck by lightning. Zenitsu aspires to be more skilled, but he believes he is too weak, so he does his best. The demon, perplexed by his opponent’s strange moans, dispatches his minions to crawl up the tree.

Zenitsu panics as he realizes that he is not only in danger, but that his hair is also falling out. He faints from fear when he meets the Spider Demon’s eyes. Even more perplexed, the demon questions whether Zenitsu is truly a demon slayer. Zenitsu’s body falls as the spiders reach the branch he is lying on. Zenitsu will fall on his head, according to the demon, and he wouldn’t have been helpful anyway.

The sleeping hunter inhales deeply, gently rolls over, and assumes the Thunder Breathing: First Form posture. Zenitsu leaps from the tree and flies towards his adversary. Poison Sputum, a web-like explosion of poison, is the Spider Demon’s retaliation. Zenitsu impresses his opponent by spinning his body in the air. Zenitsu resumes his position, moving like a new man.

The Demon Slayer’s position is disrupted when the demon orders his spider minions to invade his foe. Zenitsu uses the thunderclap and flash stance to deflect their attacks. The demon throws poison at him once more, but the sleepwalker dodges it and resumes his position. Zenitsu can only use one technique in combat, according to the Spider Demon.

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Zenitsu has a dream about his master, who tells him that he only needs to master one thing. Zenitsu’s arduous training pays off, his electric aura rising as he recalls his sensei’s inspiring words. The old man was harsh with Zenitsu because he wanted to purify him and turn him into the most durable blade in the world.

Although Zenitsu manages to avoid the spider demon’s venom, he is surrounded by a swarm of spiders. Zenitsu’s encounters with his Sensei’s other student flash through his mind. He also recalls how no one cared about him without his parents. His Sensei, on the other hand, was always there to believe in him. Zenitsu manages to avoid the spiders’ poisonous darts, but coughs up some blood as a result of his bite. Zenitsu is surrounded by the largest swarm of human-faced spiders, which appears to want to devour him.

Zenitsu’s electric aura suddenly explodes, scattering all of the spiders. The sound of thunder reverberates throughout the area, and the air vibrates with the Demon Slayer’s ferocity. Zenitsu opens his eyes and takes the posture one last time, determined to make his master proud. The Spider Demon lands on the ground and watches in awe as Thunder Clap and Flash charge at it. Zenitsu’s thunderous lightning shatters the ground, and it grows even more powerful as its power is increased sixfold!

The Spider Demon backs up and spits poison at the electrified hunter, terrified by Zenitsu’s fierce aura. Zenitsu vanishes in an instant and races around at breakneck speed. The demon retreats into the house, unable to track his adversary’s movements. Zenitsu appears and leans against one of the electrical wires. Zenitsu follows the threads with six lightning-fast strokes until the demon’s head is severed.

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The aftermath of the fight

Zenitsu rises in the moonlight, lamenting the fact that he has lost his mind. The demon can’t accept being killed by someone like Zenitsu as it fades away. The Demon Slayer is injured and falls on the Hanging House.

He believes it is time to fantasize about a place where he is strong and never disappoints anyone. While battling the poison, he realizes his time has come. Chuntaro cries and flees to seek assistance. The voice of Zenitsu’s sensei reminds him not to give up.

He decides to use the breathing technique to delay the venom’s effects as long as possible. If he took the easy way out, both his master and Tanjiro would be disappointed.

Zenitsu struggles to breathe and loses sensation in all of his limbs shortly after. He apologizes to Nezuko, but recalls his master’s words not to give up. When the tired Demon Slayer opens his eyes, he notices a butterfly approaching him. Chuntaro had gone to Shinobu for assistance, it turned out. Hashira approaches Zenitsu and inquires about his health.

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