Demon Slayer Facts


Yoriichi Type Zero (緑より壱いち零ぜろ式しき Yoriichi Reishiki?) is a battle doll built by Kotetsu’s ancestors during the Sengoku era. According to Kotetsu’s father, she was based on a real person, Yoriichi Tsugikuni.


Yoriichi Type Zero’s appearance closely resembles Yoriichi Tsugikuni, the person he is inspired by. He possesses six arms and hands that each hold a katana, as two arms weren’t enough to replicate Yoriichi’s movements. He is also heavily damaged, with half of his face and one of his arms missing after being damaged by Muichiro Tokito during training.


Village of swordsmen

After hearing the “secret weapon” mentioned by Mitsuri Kanroji , Tanjiro decides to search for it in the Sword Village forest , but there he finds Kotetsu arguing with the Mist Hashira to stop him from damaging the Yoriichi Type. Zero.

Eventually, Muichiro obtains the key to activate the doll by force due to Kotetsu’s inability to physically defend himself against him. During training, Muichiro broke the doll’s left shoulder armor and one of its right arms. Afterwards, Kotetsu fixed it and started training Tanjiro with the Battle Doll. Through the intense training he has undergone, Tanjiro has developed the ability to predict his enemy’s movements by feeling them and can tell where his opponent is going to aim.

After being severed by Tanjiro, Yoriichi Type Zero’s head falls off and reveals a 300-year-old katana hidden within his body.

Abilities and Powers

Yoriichi Type Zero has 108 different moves based on the person he is inspired by. His power surpasses that of most humans, which is why he is used as a training dummy for Demon Slayers. However, over the centuries it has withered and eroded considerably, likely making it much weaker than what it was capable of during the Sengoku era.

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