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Demon Slayer: Why does Muzan hate Doma of the Twelve Kizuki?

Muzan Kibutsuji of Demon Slayer has a few favourite demons, but top rank 2 is not one of them. Muzan Kibutsuji, despite being the parent of the demons in Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba, has nothing but contempt for his creations. Rui (lower fifth rank), Gyutaro (upper sixth rank), and Akaza (upper third rank) are among his favourites among the Kizuki, however an official Demon Slayer “fanbook” published by the manga’s creator, Koyoharu Gotouge, stated that the upper second rank demon, Doma, is not Muzan’s favourite. Muzan isn’t afraid to take down demons he doesn’t like, as lower ranks six, four, three, and two can confirm, even if it’s Kizuki. So how did a demon not favored by Muzan become High Rank Two – and why doesn’t Kibutsuji just kill it?

Muzan Kibutsuji

Despite being the kindest and most polite of all the demons, Doma, dubbed the bane of Akaza’s existence, makes enemies wherever he goes. In the case of Akaza, his hate for Upper Two originates from the fact that Akaza was a founder member of the Kizuki, but Doma joined later but quickly overtook Akaza in power and status. Doma is treated as a subordinate who needs to be lectured by High Rank One Kokushibo, while Nakime has politely denied Doma’s offer of a love date. It could be as simple as Muzan disliking Doma because he finds him as annoying as the others.

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Following Gyutaro’s death, Muzan summoned the high-ups and demanded to know why none of them had destroyed the Demon Slayer Corps or located the Blue Spider. While Doma offers to gouge out his eye to atone for enlisting Gyutaro, he also says that he was never able to find the Blue Spider Lily or Ubuyashiki since he isn’t very adept at detective work. Surprisingly incompetent for the world’s third most powerful demon, behind Muzan and Kokushibo, Doma couldn’t even pass the first high-level meeting in 113 years without pissing off Akaza who punched part of his head off. – two times.

Muzan Nezuko

Muzan Kibutsuji appears to be the type of man who would kill someone for the ultimate offence of being incredibly irritating. Doma is oddly free to do as he pleases: he rules the Eternal Paradise, a place of worship where he consumes his believers so they might live eternally as part of him. Doma’s proclivity for devouring women may have contributed to his rapid rise to power since he once stated that women were highly nurturing to demons due to their ability to nurture infants with their bodies. Doma’s power as a top rank 2 of 12 Kizuki is most likely what protects him from Muzan’s wandering and murderous eye.


Muzan admitted towards the end of the manga’s “Swordsmith Village” storyline that he never planned to create any more demons. He did this in the hopes of creating a monster strong enough to withstand sunlight. Muzan would gain the power and realise his dream of becoming the perfect being if he ingested such a monster. Muzan’s refusal to slay Doma is most likely due to his fear of losing such a powerful demon. Muzan most likely hoped Doma would grow strong enough to survive the sun one day, therefore murdering him may have jeopardised Muzan’s original motivation for making him a demon.

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Muzan felt that none of the lower ranks could ever be strong enough to resist the sunlight so he slaughtered the majority of them. Meanwhile, Doma had much too much promise to justify killing him simply to silence him. Doma was very certainly kept around after Nezuko Kamado became immune to sunlight for the eventual fight with the Demon Slayer Corps, in which Doma succeeded where even Akaza failed by murdering one of the Hashira, Shinobu Kocho. Doma’s promise, though only marginally, surpassed his unpleasant disposition in the end.

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