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What type of katana is used in Demon Slayer?

Katana Colors in ‘Demon Slayer’ Explained: This is the ultimate guide of the various Nichirin swords, including what the colours signify and who wields each weapon. Demon Slayer (or Kimetsu no Yaiba in Japanese) is now one of the most popular anime and manga series. Tanjiro Kamado is an insecure young man who swears vengeance on demons after his entire family is murdered by one. To do this, he joins the Demon Slayer Corps, a group of katana -wielding individuals who fight demons when these creatures attack innocent people after dark.


It’s not easy to exorcise a demon. The anime portrays extremely talented bad spirits who devise new ways to terrorise humanity, ranging from traditional body snatching to limb-degrading, bouncing gunshots. One of the few methods to destroy a demon in the Demon Slayer universe is to expose it to sunlight. This is the reason why the katanas used by demon slayers are exposed to the sun for a long periods of time during their manufacture. But the question is, how are they made?

What is a Nichirin Blade?

Nichirin blades are made using a metal that members of the Demon Slayer Corps can convert into weapons used to slay demons. The metal is manufactured from Crimson Iron Sand and Crimson Ore, which are harvested from the mountains, according to the Demon Slayer manga (which is claimed to be the anime series’ “book”).

These resources, however, are not gathered from just any mountain. They come from mountains that are above the clouds, which means they are bathed in sunlight all year round, unhindered by rain or blocked by sunlight. The only thing that can slay demons is a katana fashioned of a substance that has absorbed the rays of the sun. The Nichirin Blade also has a unique function in that it changes colour when its owner takes it up for the first time. Each hue signifies a particular element or inspiration, as well as the personalities and levels of power held by each Demon Slayer. The differences between them may be found below:

Nichirin Black Blade

Tanjiro wields the hue of Demon Slayer’s most mysterious katana. The sun is symbolised by the black blade, which is cloaked in prejudice and misinformation because all demon slayers who have handled it in the past have lived short lives. This could indicate that Tanjiro is doomed to defy the odds and create a new legend for the Nichirin Dark Blades in the Demon Slayer universe. Furthermore, black is frequently associated with the absorption of all hues, suggesting that Tanjirou is destined to traverse between the colours of the sword and the Breath – a demon slayer technique that allows them to refine the strength they possess at the blade.


Gray Nichirin Blade

The wielder of the Gray Nichirin Blade defies convention and demonstrates that the Nichirin does not have to be used as a sword. Gyomei Himejima wields an axe tied to a chain and wields the grey blade that signifies Stone instead of a sword. Gyomei’s disposition, although being one of the strongest Demon Slayers, is the polar opposite of what the Stone represents: he’s peaceful and kind, and he regularly cries.

Indigo Gray Nichirin Blade

The indigo gray katana denotes monsters, and its wielder in the anime hides his face with a gigantic pig’s head as a helmet. Inosuke Hashibira additionally holds two swords at once, both of which have the power to not only murder a demon but also to cause havoc: the katanas’ serrated edges resemble predator’s fangs.

Nichirin Red Blade

Red is often synonymous with intensity, and in Demon Slayer it’s no different. The red katana represents flame, and Kyojuro Rengoku’s eccentric and expansive personality translates this. Breathing fire makes for some incredible imagery, including the fire god dance, which has become one of the anime’s most famous scenes (watch out for season 1 spoilers in the link).


Nichirin Amber Blade

The amber blade represents Sound and is wielded by Tengen Uzui. Sound Breathing makes use of noise to mislead opponents, and individuals who employ it have a very good hearing perception. Tengen also employs the blades with various weapons, such as his amber Nichirin blade with a set of kusarigama, a cleaver-like sidearm.

Nichirin Yellow Blade

Thunder is the source of the yellow swords, which are portrayed in the manga and anime by Zenitsu Agatsuma, a child who is terrified of his own shadow but, when placed in a position of great sorrow, releases a vibrant and rapid personality capable of causing damage with its blade.

Blue Nichirin Blade

The blue katana is one of the most important Japanese katanas in Season 1, and its owner, Giyu Tomioka, swings it with fluid movements that make him a competent and terrible murderer. Giyu’s breathing movements are similar to those of the ocean, which is a tranquil body of water that can be lethal in certain situations.


Green Nichirin Blade

The green hue of the katana represents the breath, which has inspired many different techniques. The Nichirin Green Blade’s element is wind, and Sanemi Shinazugawa is the Demon Slayer’s wielder. Tanjiro, who was taken to a very unusual region at the end of Season 1, was dangerously accommodated thanks to her perverse personality.

Nichirin Rose Blade

The pink blade represents Love, which might seem a bit abstract when paired with the other blades, but there’s an explanation: the Breath of Love has a special nature, and it was developed by the wielder of the Nichirin pink blade itself, Mitsuri Kanroki. She was inspired by Flame Breath after being trained by Kyojuro Rengoku. Her katana is also very special: it is thin and looks like a whip, and she is the only one who can wield it correctly.

Nichirin White Blade

The mist, which is embodied by Muichiro Tokito in the series, is represented by the white in the colours of the Demon Slayer katana. Muichiro never lets his emotions get in the way of his judgement, as Breath of the Mist is often connected with a serene and distant disposition. Wind Breathing methods are used in this weapon colour.


Nichirin Lavender Blade

The Serpent is represented by this blade, which is why Obanai Iguro’s katana resembles a serpent’s body. Snake Breath is a variation of Water Breath, using techniques that mimic the motions of the animal it depicts.

Light Pink Nichirin Blade

The light pink Nichirin blade, which is derived from water breath and depicts the flower, is used by Kanao Tsuyuri and Kanae Koucho, demon slayer sisters who have evolved their own common breath.

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