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What is Enmu’s gender?

Since the beginning of Demon Slayer, Enmu has been a mysterious character, but one topic has sparked heated debate: the demon’s gender. The twelve Kizuki (Demon Moons) are the most powerful demons in Demon Slayer, and they are separated into six upper ranks and six lower ranks. The lower ranks were all slaughtered by Muzan due to their weakness, except for one: Enmu .

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Enmu is the Mugen Train arc’s major enemy and a lower rank 1 demon. He looks to be a young man of normal height, with rose-tinged black hair and blue eyes etched with the kanji “Lower One.” Enmu’s gender can be uncertain due to these neutral characteristics and a slow, drawling voice. Enmu, despite his appearance, is a man with sadistic tendencies. He’s one of the few demons in Demon Slayer who appears to be completely irredeemable, as he delights in watching humans suffer.


Enmu was saved from certain death because of his complete dedication to Muzan. While the rest of the Lower Moons begged for their lives or attempted to flee the slaughter, Enmu looked at Muzan with adoration. This departure exceeded Muzan’s expectations. Muzan spared Enmu and instead offered him more blood – and another chance to prove himself, as a character who enjoys feeling superior.


Enmu took advantage of his newfound authority and devised a wicked scheme. It united with the Mugen Train in order to exploit its passengers. Enmu’s capacity to control dreams and reality is crucial to his abilities. He has the ability to lull people into his dream state and show them either lovely utopian visions or the most devastating nightmares.. It’s this dynamic that tests Tanjiro ‘s mettle throughout the Mugen Train Arc.


Enmu drags Tanjiro and his colleagues into a dream dimension with the goal of killing them while they sleep when they board the train to investigate a string of inexplicable disappearances. He, on the other hand, used the hands of four defenceless children with incurable ailments, drawing them in with the promise of an eternity of joyful dreams. Tanjiro has found himself in a peaceful world with his family, a reality he has long desired but been unable to reclaim. Despite how easily he could have become lost in this fake yet idealistic world, Tanjiro dragged himself back to reality with the support of Nezuko.

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This is the real cruelty of Enmu. He takes advantage of people’s deepest desires and regrets, and turns them against them. His total devotion to Muzan, along with his sincere enjoyment of human suffering, sets him apart from other demons.


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