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What Ninjas Could Have Been Brought To The Series

Highly trained demon slayers fight the darkness with Nichirin blades and superior breathing methods in the Demon Slayer narrative, but this isn’t always enough. The most powerful demons, particularly the Twelve Demon Moons, have complete impunity when it comes to demon slayers. Even the powerful Hashira can be defeated in combat.

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It’s clear that the Demon Slayer Corps needs another way to fight the demons, and if things had turned out differently, the elite shinobi might have been their ace in the hole against the monstrous legions of Muzan . Unfortunately, the shinobi clans are on the wane and generally unavailable to help, though Uzui Tengen and his three wives hint at what might have happened.

The Decline of Ninja Clans in Demon Slayer

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The world of elite shinobi was further explored in a recent episode of Demon Slayer when Tengen recounted his origins to the Daki/Gyutaro duo, and what he said portrayed a bleak picture of ninja. Ninjas are a rare breed in Taisho’s relatively recent times, and many of them die in the line of duty, including the majority of Tengen’s siblings. In truth, Tengen’s father, the leader of the ninja family, authorised Tengen’s younger brother to marry as many wives as he wanted as long as those wives could produce kids. The Demon Slayer ninjas have clearly experienced a high rate of attrition against their foes, and they are unable to keep up. Tengen, along with his three wives, is one of the few remaining ninjas, and he donated Ubayashiki Kaguya his skills as a devoted Hashira.

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Tengen, as a trained ninja, has abilities that even other Hashira lack, such as advanced stealth and a high level of poison resistance. Gyutaro was taken aback, and any other Hashira, even the fallen Rengoku Kyojuro, would have been at Gyutaro’s mercy in no time. Furthermore, Tengen’s three cherished wives are highly talented warriors capable of leading the fight against the Demon Moons in unexpected ways, particularly with big knife throwers. This, combined with Tengen’s sword attacks, placed a lot of pressure on Gyutaro, and it’s a shame the Demon Slayer Corps doesn’t get to face Demon Moons like this more frequently. Unfortunately, in Demon Slayer, that is the exception rather than the rule.

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What the ninjas could have done against the demonic hordes of Muzan

Ninjas can defeat their foes by using stealth, ambushes, stalking, and special tools. In principle, a platoon of faithful ninjas could help the Demon Slayer Corps by taking on arduous duties that Demon Slayers couldn’t handle on their own. Due to his powerful nose, Kamado Tanjiro can naturally pursue demons, although this isn’t normal, as ninjas may take over when it comes to hunting demons. Demons could be captured and exterminated much faster if ninjas swept the countryside for them on a daily basis, saving lives.The teeth-grinding demon from Season 1, for example, wouldn’t have claimed as many victims if a ninja like the women of Tengen was stalking him. Ninja scouts could also have crossed Rui’s forest and come out alive with vital information.

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The Demon Slayer Corps’ mission may have been made easier by the information-gathering and tracking ninjas, and the ninjas could have changed everything even during the combat. Ninjas fight with deception and trickery, while demons fight with physical force and blood arts against Nichrin’s blades in direct combat. As seen in Tengen’s fight against Daki and Gyutaro, the Demon Slayer Swordsman is often only a decoy, while the ninja does the real labour throughout the fight. Demon slayers and ninjas could have made a terrific demon-fighting team, but there aren’t enough ninjas left. The demon slayer corps could have exterminated demons with impunity under different conditions, but as things are, Tengen and his three wives will have to undertake the job. They could be the body’s most distinctive and valuable assets.

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