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What D&D class would each Demon Slayer character play?

Dungeons and Dragons is a classic role-playing game that many people enjoy. Demon Slayer characters might enjoy a game of D&D after a long day of hunting.

The Dungeons and Dragons tabletop role-playing game has been used as a team-building tool since its release in the 1970s. In this game, members of a party work together to battle fictional monsters, which can create lasting bonds, even between enemies.

There’s a chaotic bunch of anime characters who could use a little D&D in their lives: the Demon Slayer cast. Instead of facing monsters in real life, they could fight them in the game and help them overcome their traumas without killing them. Or maybe it could just help Zenitsu overcome his crippling anxiety.

Giyu would make the scariest of thieves

Water Harisha Giyu would immediately be drawn to the thief class. Like him, thieves are nervous, calm and do not like to attract attention. They are also sneaky, making them one of the most underrated yet powerful classes in D&D.

Rogues have the ability to use sneak attacks, which can wipe out the enemy before they even notice they’ve been stabbed. This suits Giyu perfectly, who can also take down enemies in the blink of an eye. But, despite their stoic and intimidating appearance, Rogues can be very caring deep down, just like Giyu.

Kyojuro would perpetuate his family’s power as a wizard

An important character trait of Flame Hashira Rengoku is his inherited power. After learning the techniques of the Breath of Flame style, he replaced his father as a member of the high-ranking Demon Slayer Corps. Wizards have a similar experience to Rengoku, with their special abilities passed down through their bloodline.

Like the Hashira of flame, wizards hone their skills to become great warriors with righteous purpose. Wizards also use their charismatic personalities to easily get along with others, much like Rengoku, who instantly becomes friends with everyone he meets.

Tengen would play a flashy fighter

Fighters are a class that never holds back. They use their strength and dexterity to take down their enemies quickly. They are excellent at wielding weapons and defending others, which makes them a great player to have in the party.

This can also be said of Tengen, who uses his giant muscles and outlandish swords to chop off the heads of demons with ease. Tengen also uses his strength to protect everyone around him (especially his three wives) and is willing to sacrifice himself to save others, just like a fighter would.

Muzan would be terrifying as a wizard

As the king of demons, there is only one class suitable for Muzan : the wizard. Wizards are known for their wisdom and charisma, making them formidable enemies and invaluable allies. They obtain their magical abilities from an alien being with whom they trade their power.

This can lead to questionable arrangements with not-so-big entities. This would of course have no effect on Muzan. In fact, that would probably be a bonus. He would easily accept the power of anyone as long as he remains the master of the demons.

Inosuke would destroy everything as a barbarian

Barbarians are proud of their animal instincts. They let their primitive nature take over in battle, destroying everything in their path without hesitation. What class could better suit the man with the boar’s head? Inosuke also relies on his animal instincts, sniffing out demons and attacking them without hesitation.

Like the Barbarians, Inosuke feels most comfortable when surrounded by nature and feels uncomfortable in modern society. His unruly nature would happily adapt to the role of a Barbarian, likely much to the chagrin of the other party members.

Zenitsu would make an interesting bard

Just as Zenitsu has matured over the course of the series, bards also go through life hoping to develop their abilities. They’re a unique class that don’t like to approach situations with violence unless necessary. They prefer to encourage their teammates from afar, playing a cheerful tune to inspire them in battle.

Zenitsu also dislikes conflict, much preferring to play a supporting role for others. However, just like a bard, Zenitsu is always there when needed. Additionally, Bards and Zenitsu are able to lighten the mood in the darkest times.

Nezuko would connect to her special powers as a Druid

Although she seems sweet and harmless, Nezuko is a force to be reckoned with. The same can be said of the druid class, whose peaceful image can be misleading. Druids use their wits and wisdom to harness the power of nature and even transform into wild animals in battle.

This resembles Nezuko, who uses her demon abilities to regularly save Tanjiro. She transforms into a monster when needed, which makes her an important member of the team. But, when there is no more threat, she withdraws peacefully into her box.

Tanjiro would fight for the common good as a paladin

Much like Tanjiro, Paladins will do anything to save those around them. It is one of the strongest classes, both physically and mentally. Bound by a sacred oath, paladins follow a virtuous path to justice. They follow a strict moral code, always making choices based on what they believe is “right”.

This is the case of Tanjiro who tends to put others before him. He regularly puts his own well-being aside, fighting until he is nearly dead. But that doesn’t matter to him, as long as evil is defeated and the world is a better place.

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