Demon Slayer Facts


A Tsuguko (継つぐ子こ Tsuguko?, lit. Successor) is an exceptionally talented Demon Slayer Corps fighter who is assigned as the apprentice and eventual successor of one of the Hashira.


There are two ways for a Demon Slayer to become a Tsuguko, either by applying for the position and being accepted, or by being scouted by one of the current Hashira. A Tsuguko normally uses the same breathing style as the Hashira they serve under, although this is not a strict requirement.

The Tsuguko’s purpose is to take the place of the Hashira it serves if and when that Hashira is in a position where it can no longer fulfill its role as champion of the Demon Slayer Corps, such as when the Hashira retires or dies. .


Insect Hashira

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