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Toyo (豊とよ Toyo?)[1] is a traveling udon vendor.


Toyo is a man of average height and build, with a bald head and closed eyes.

Toyo wears a dull yellow and black striped kimono, light pants, and dark shoes. His first appearance shows him smoking a kiseru.


Toyo is very passionate about his udon, he is visibly agitated when Tanjiro Kamado throws his bowl away without eating it. However, when Tanjiro returns and orders two bowls which he quickly finishes, Toyo is happy and thanks him for his business.

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Toyo was born and raised in Asakusa. At some point in his life, he opened an udon shop in Asakusa because he loves the city and wants to stay there.

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Abilities and Powers

As an ordinary human, he does not possess any additional powers or abilities.