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Top 10 Strongest Demon Slayer Characters

Demon slayer, the anime that shook the world with its otherworldly animation and intriguing storyline. The series didn’t really bring any revolutionary changes in the shounen genre. However, what it actually did was almost nearly perfect the individual ingredients of the genre that most popular anime lack.

And you know how Jigoro Kuwajima says:

“If you can only do one thing, hone it to perfection. Hone it to the utmost limit.” 

Undoubtedly, Demon slayer is slowly approaching that perfection and we clearly saw it in the latest movie. On that note, let’s talk about the main reason why we’re all here and that is the ranking of the Strongest Demon Slayer characters.

The first season of the anime was just a prologue for the manga series Kimetsu no Yaiba, so we didn’t get to see most of the characters in action. However, the manga revealed some deep secrets and powerful characters, much stronger than we could imagine.


The article contains spoilers from the manga, which may not be suitable for anime-only watchers.

10.  Kyojuro Rengoku

Flame Hashira


On the bottom of the list, we have the star of Mugen Train, Kyojuro Rengoku, the flame Hashira. Rengoku’s fiery and inspiring personality left a deep mark on the hearts of everyone who watched the latest Demon Slayer movie. The guy possessed an unimaginable amount of strength, skill, and courage. Rengoku not only managed to hold down Akaza, a demon of the Upper Rank 3, but he was also doing it while protecting the gravely injured Tanjiro.

Additionally, our flame Hashira showcased an impressive and blindingly fast speed, one that not only matched with the demon but also surpassed it. So, the question stands, why is he at the very bottom of the list? In short, Rengoku was one of the strongest characters at that time, but he was a mere human, making it difficult for him to compete with the regenerating abilities of a high-ranking demon. However, the guy’s fighting spirit was so inspirational that he showed no signs of defeat or pain till the very end. The flame Hashira died smiling, like the true hero he was.

9.     Giyu Tomioka

Water Hashira

Up next, we have the very first Demon slayer and Hashira seen in the anime series, Giyu Tomioka the water Hashira. Giyu  immediately gained popularity after his very first scene in which he tries to kill Nezuko and no – that was not the reason why he became so popular. He demonstrated amazing swordsmanship in his very first appearance, showing how beautiful and deadly his water technique is.

Although Giyu became a meme later on for how weak he actually was in the manga, the guy’s strength cannot be underestimated, knowing that he was the one who defeated Rui and his father. The water Hashira also managed to not only create a new water breathing technique but also impressed the Upper Rank 3 Demon, Akaza. And that’s not all! Our man also obtained the Demon Slayer mark, which ultimately made him one of the most powerful characters in the anime.

8.     Sanemi Shinazugawa

Wind Hashira

At number eight, we have the second strongest HashiraSanemi Shinazugawa, the Wind Hashira. Sanemi should have been much higher on the list, but him being a human, limits his abilities. He possesses incredibly destructive power, making him the second toughest character and Hashira in the Demon Slayer Corps.

Unfortunately, we didn’t get to see him much in the anime, but his very first appearance was quite intimidating. The guy threatened to kill Nezuko, and he actually would have weren’t it for the leader of the Demon Slayer corps. What’s more, his intimidating personality is not just superficial; he possesses impressive wind breathing techniques and physical abilities that made even Kokushibo respect him.

7.     Akaza 

Upper Moon 3


Finally, the first demon to have joined the list is none other than Akaza of the rank Upper Moon 3. The guy is probably the most hated demon out of all, knowing what he did to Rengoku and how cowardly he was about it. Don’t mind me – just a Rengoku fan here, holding a grudge against this guy. Anyway, let’s leave the resentment behind and talk about just how powerful of a demon, Akaza is.

The upper moon 3 made his very first appearance in Mugen Train, showcasing his incredible speed, and regeneration abilities. Undoubtedly, Akaza wields immense power, and that’s why he’s above the flame Hashira on this list. I mean – the guy is ranked in the Upper moon 3 out of the twelve Kizuki – that’s no joke, right? Furthermore, his blood demon art technique is not only impressive but also quite deadly, allowing him to locate the weak points of his enemy.

6.     Doma

Upper Moon 2


Up next, we have another demon of a higher rank, Doma of the Upper Moon 2. Just looking at his rank amongst the twelve Kizuki, Doma is considered to be the 3rd Strongest demon. The guy has killed a fair share of Hashira and demon slayers without even breaking a sweat. Although we have yet to see him in the anime, the manga is a whole different story.

Moving forward, the Upper Moon 2 possesses some crazy regenerative abilities that are second to none other than the demon king himself. What’s more, he is highly intelligent, having a remarkable memory that allows him to remember even the most trivial things of his human life. Doma’s blood demon art is Cyrokinesis, which allows him to manipulate ice at will, providing multiple benefits in offense, defense, close range, and long-range as well. His defeat was due to his weakened body from Shinobu’s deadly poison.

5.     Gyomei Himejima 

Strongest Hashira in Demon Slayer


Let’s talk about the stone Hashira, Gyomei Himejima, who is considered the strongest Demon Slayer amongst all the Hashiras. This guy holds immense physical strength and a unique breathing technique. The stone Hashira wields an incredibly impressive weapon, a kind of spiked flail with Axe attached to it. The way his weapon is modified provides him a wide range to not only attack but also defend himself.

Additionally, Gyomei uses the stone breathing technique to defeat demons. His technique and strength have been applauded by the upper moon 1, saying that he is the strongest Hashira to be born. What’s more, our guy is actually blind! But nothing holds him back from kicking butt.

4.     Kokushibo

Upper Moon 1


We just discussed the strongest amongst the Hashiras, and just above him, we have the strongest amongst the twelve Kizukis, and that is Kokushibo of the rank Upper Moon 1. Similar to any other demon, Kokushibo was also a human long ago, and he was actually Yoriichi Tsukinage’s older brother. The guy could’ve been easily the second strongest demon slayer in his past life, but he chose the dark side instead.

Keeping that in mind, Kokushibo is, in fact, very talented and even managed to create a Moon breathing style. The high-ranking demon was blessed with one-of-a-kind swordsmanship and extraordinary abilities and breathing technique, allowing him to easily defeat Muichiro and Sanemi in combat. The only reason behind his loss was not due to the skills of his opponents, but rather his choice to not regenerate, resulting in his death.

3.     Muzan Kibutsuji

Muzan Kibutsuji Demon Slayer


On number 3 we have the Demon King, Muzan Kibutsuji a.k.a Michael Jackson. All jokes apart, our Demon King managed to not only survive, but live lavishly, or should I say despicably for almost 10,000 years, which also explains his attitude.

Muzan is the progenitor and the original demon, whose blood can turn a normal human into a demon. However, not anyone can turn into a demon, as most humans get a severe shock from Muzan’s blood and end up dying. Additionally, the Demon King possesses a number of abilities that allow him to nullify the powers of demons, and change his appearance at will. Killing the dude was extremely difficult even for the strongest Hashira mentioned in this list.

2.     Tanjiro Kamado

Demon King Tanjiro


You must be wondering, why is Tanjiro so high up in the list – higher than the demon king himself?
The Tanjiro mentioned in this list is the new demon king, much powerful than the previous and the original one, Muzan. Before dying, the Demon King gave his blood to our main character and shared that if Tanjiro survives, he will become the strongest demon to ever be born – and guess what? He survived.

However, the Demon King’s blood isn’t the only reason why Tanjiro is the second strongest character in the Demon Slayer manga. The young man mastered all ten forms of water breathing technique and thirteen forms of Sun breathing technique, created by Yoriichi Tsukinage. The demon king was also scared of Tanjiro when he first saw his Hanafuda earrings, and our protagonist also played a huge role in defeating him. Speaking of which, we have Tanjiro’s Hanafuda earrings and other Demon Slayer merch in our shop. Do give it a check!

1.     Yoriichi Tsugikuni

Strongest Demon Slayer Character


At the top of the list, we have the most powerful character in Demon slayer, Yoriichi Tsugikuni. This man is on a whole another level, carrying an unbelievable amount of strength. Yoriichi was born with the demon slayer mark, carrying extraordinary abilities. Even when he barely knew swordsmanship, he could easily defeat well-trained swordsmen with minimal effort. What’s more, his older brother also admitted that Yoriichi, as a child, was much more powerful than the adult Kokushibo.

The Demon Slayer universe revolves around various breathing techniques, but have you ever wondered who actually created them? – It was none other than our man Yoriichi. He was the first to develop sun breathing technique, and all the other breathing techniques stem from it. This man was so powerful that even the demon king was scared of him. He was capable of killing all the twelve kizukis without even breaking a sweat.

Final Verdict:

In this blog, I ranked the characters according to their strength and abilities as showcased in the manga – but this is just my opinion. Are you satisfied with this list? Or do you think someone else should take the top place? Let me know your thoughts in the comment section down below.

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