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TOP 10 Best Zenitsu GIFs

The 10 best Gif of Zenitsu Agatsuma in Demon Slayer

Zenitsu Agatsuma’s ten finest Demon Slayer Gifs Zenitsu is a new demon hunter who is in the same class as Tanjiro. But, unlike many other Demon Hunters, Zenitsu is not a fearless man. He is a coward who spends his time screaming and fleeing from danger. His ideal existence is to stay as safe as possible while simultaneously wooing the ladies in order to discover the one he loves. When he first sees Nezuko, he will respond quickly… Despite this, Zenitsu continues to be a capable combatant. A mentor taught him how to use thunder breath. He finds it difficult to fight seriously because of his fear. Zenitsu will so reveal himself through his unconscious.

Here is our Top 10 of the best Gifs of Zenitsu:

1 – From fear to unconsciousness

We are all used to Zenitsu’s cowardice when he encounters a demon, this gif puts into perspective his inability to hold back his emotions and contain himself.

2 – The Nichirin Blade

The Nichirin Blade

In the ninth frame, we see the master of thunder draw his yellow Nichirin blade looking rather furious and emotional and rush at his enemy without mercy!

3 – The love story between Nezuko and Zenitsu?

The love story between Nezuko and Zenitsu?

Zenitsu Agatsuma is known for being absolutely smitten with Tanjiro Kamado’s sister, Nezuko, and he isn’t hesitant to show it; this gif depicts him blushing at the sight of her.

4 – Zenitsu 7th Form

Zenitsu 7th Form

During the Tsuzumi Mansion arc, we see Zenitsu ready to unleash his 7th form on the Tongue Demon, saving the young child from certain death.

5 – Zenitsu’s Demon Slayer Pigeon

Zenitsu's Demon Slayer Pigeon

Zenitsu got his own Demon Slayer Pigeon to join him on his Demon-hunting missions after passing his final selection exam to become a member of the Demon Slayer Corps in the wisteria-covered Fujikasane Mountain.

6 – Zenitsu loves his pigeon

Zenitsu loves his pigeon

7 – Thunder Breathing Technique

Thunder Breathing Technique

Zenitsu dashes forward and chops off the tongue demon’s head in the blink of an eye in this clip displaying the 7th form of thunder breath in action.

8 – High definition gif of Zenitsu

High definition gif of Zenitsu

9 – Zenitsu against the spider demon

Zenitsu vs the Spider Demon

Zenitsu flees from a human-headed spider but finds himself in the demon’s nest, whose venom turns humans into spiders. He tells Zenitsu that one of his spiders bit him during his wanderings, and that he will lose his human form in thirty minutes. While more demon spiders approach him, Zenitsu hides in a tree. He recalls his days of training with Jigoro Kuwajima, who offered to pay off his debt if he became his apprentice, and the time he was struck by lightning while hiding in a tree. He believes he is a pitiful guy and tries to stop being a coward, but Zenit passes out when his hair begins to fall out. He begins hitting the eldest son while he is sleeping. He recalls learning only one Lightning Blast attack, but mastering it to the point of perfection. He recalls being bullied by Kaigaku, another Jigoro student who thought time spent on him was a waste of time. Zenitsu had no one to motivate him and no reason not to abandon him because he was an orphan. Zenitsu is affected by the poison, which causes him to cough up blood, but it attacks him quickly and kills him. He subsequently wakes up, but the poison has paralysed his ability to move, so Zenitsu adopts a breathing method to slow the poison down as much as possible, despite his fear. When Tanjiro hears about Zenitsu’s attack, he decides to investigate. Before they part ways, he and Inosuke see the Spider Family’s daughter, who escapes as Inosuke chases her down, crying for her father. The father then comes to her aid and the daughter leaves.

10 – Well, he’s a bit overpowered when he sleeps, isn’t he?

Well, he's a little overpowered when he sleeps, isn't he?

And that’s it for our top 10 Zenitsu gifs! Do not hesitate to discover our Demon Slayer shop!

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