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The Tongue Demon (舌した鬼おに Shita oni?) was a demon who lived in Tsuzumi Mansion.

Tongue Demon


The Tongue Demon took the form of a muscular man with gray skin and very dark blue hair, set noticeably back on his head to make room for the two small horns that protruded from either side of his forehead. It had two pairs of eyes, one large and feline green in color and the other more wrinkled and placed above the first, their irises being red. Its most notable features were its extremely long tongue and the navy blue arrows that adorned its nose and forearms, a large patch of similar color on each temple.

The Tongue Demon wears nothing above the waist, below which he wears only the lower half of a patterned, knee-length yukata.


The Tongue Demon, like many others of its kind, was a ruthless being that seemed to care only about eating any humans that crossed its path. He seemed somewhat unintelligent, as he often talked to himself, repeated his words, and dragged himself on the ground instead of walking.



Tsuzumi Mansion Arc

As Zenitsu tells Shoichi not to make noise so as not to attract the demons, he appears behind the duo, further terrifying an already trembling Zenitsu, in addition to remarking on the feeling of eating a child on his tongue.

Beginning to run away, Zenitsu desperately asks the demon to stay back, saying more than saying that neither he nor Shoichi would taste good as they begin to run away. The demon simply responds by saying he wouldn’t know what they would taste like if he didn’t try, and proceeds to chase and attack them, slicing through a slime with ease.

As he enters the room, an unexpected move occurs: his tongue is cut off by Zenitsu as the latter stands with his head down, supported by his subconscious. He gets into position to use Thunder Breath, First Form: Thunder Clap and Flash, Zenitsu prepares to decapitate the Tongue Demon without hesitation. With a swift flick and direct hit from Zenitsu’s Nichirin Blade, the demon’s head now lies on the ground, while Zenitsu easily carries out his plans; he is now victorious over the demon in battle.

As Zenitsu wakes up, control of his subconscious disappearing, he screams at the sight of the decapitated head of the demon.



supernatural abilities

Flesh Manipulation : This demon has shown the ability to manipulate the length, speed, and sharpness of its tongue, thus being able to slice through a vase with ease.


Tsuzumi Mansion Arc

  • Zenitsu Agatsuma vs. Tongue Demon