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The Three Things Attack On Titan And Demon Slayer Have In Common


Apart from the captivating storyline, characters with superpowers, human values, lessons on family love, friends are the factors that create the appeal of attack on titan(SNK) anime and the ‘sword. Demon slayer.

Attack on Titan and Demon Slayer are popular anime, with many fans around the world as well as in Vietnam. attack on titan had 3 parts, part 4 is currently airing. In Vietnam, POPS acquired the copyrights and aired this final season at the same time as Japan. The film tells the story of Eren Yeager’s fight to protect people from the Titans, giant and cruel monsters.

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Along with the Devil’s Sword, POPS has just released a voiceover version of this hit anime to bring a better experience to viewers. The story is about the journey of Kamado Tanjiro who becomes a murderer to get revenge on a demon who murdered his family and turned his sister into a demon.

Attack on Titan and Sword of Demons are currently the most searched anime by Vietnamese fans, especially the new version. These two anime series won a series of prestigious awards at the Newtype Anime Awards, broke numerous chart records, and were highly praised by experts both in content and picture and sound quality. Each anime series has its own story, but between them there are major commonalities which are also the factors that make these two hit animes so charming.

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Fight for family, friends, protect humanity

Eren Yeager and Kamado Tanjiro are pitiful boys. When their loved ones are killed, the lives of those around them are threatened by brutal forces. After suffering many painful losses, both men mature more and more through their strong wills, striving to protect their family, friends, and people from destruction.

Enemies have superpowers

Another big commonality between Attack on Titan and Sword of the Demon Slayer is that the bad guys are super powerful and extremely cruel. While Eren Yeager fights a giant for fun, Kamado Tanjiro must battle the demons that suck human blood to survive. Even the superpowers in these two films are interchangeable, Eren Yeager transforms into a Titan with incredible power, while Kamado Tanjiro‘s sister becomes a demon without losing her humanity.

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Deep human values

Human values, meaningful lessons, and inspirations are the goals of the artwork, and Attack on Titan and Demon Sword achieve this very well. In Sword of Demons, human values ​​are clearly demonstrated by the character of the sound-hearted Kamado Tanjiro, who does not let hatred prevail over reason despite an extremely painful loss. Viewers go from admiring the spirit of selflessness and tolerance to being inspired by Tanjiro ‘s effort and perseverance to achieve their dreams. Nezuko , Tanjiro’s sister, is also a beautiful anime character. Although she was turned into a demon, she still tries to retain her humanity and, along with her brother, fights against demons to protect humans. Nezuko clearly demonstrates this point: Good or evil is due to choice, not circumstance.

Unlike the demonic sword, attack on titan reflects the truth in the most naked and true way. In addition to the bloody battle between giants and humans, the anime that reflects the upside of society is the distinction between rich and poor, reflected in the class of people behind each wall, a lie, the deception between children and people together. But not for the story to turn dark, longing for freedom, exploring the world of Eren, Armin, and Mikasa is the culmination of post-battle ruins.


The main characters of Attack on Titan and Sword of Demons are ordinary people, even weak, always in a hurry, but with strong belief, courage, resilience, and desire. protect those who love, protect people they have overcome adversity.

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