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Who was Tanjiro and Nezuko’s father, Tanjuro Kamado?

Even though he died before the start of the series, Tanjuro Kamado is one of Demon Slayer’s most intriguing characters.

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The Hinokami Kagura, aka the Breath of the Sun, is one of Demon Slayer’s greatest mysteries. The most powerful and original breathing technique was used by a man whose interaction with Muzan Kibutsuji still terrifies the progenitor of demons today. Unlike the Water Breathing he learnt from Elder Hashira Sakonji Urokodaki, Tanjiro Kamado learned Sun Breathing from his late father.

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Who was Tanjuro Kamado, the question now is? And why did a mountain charcoal burner learn the most powerful version of the Demon Slayer Corps’ breathing techniques?

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Tanjuro Kamado was definitely not a Demon Slayer, given that the family maintains records that point to Kamados as charcoal burners for several generations. Unlike the Rengoku family, who established a demon-slaying dynasty, the Kamados were completely oblivious of the existence of demons until Kibutsuji arrived and slaughtered them all. Muzan was happy that Tanjuro had already perished when the villain attacked the Kamados, because Tanjuro was a master of the sun’s breath, which he fears so much.


Tanjuro died before the events of Demon Slayer Chapter/Episode 1 due to illness. Tanjiro remembers his father as a gentle, frail guy who performed the Hinokami Kagura every year despite his worsening health. Sun Breathing and Hinokami Kagura are the same thing, but Tanjiro utilised it as a ceremonial dance and a form of prayer to avoid injury from the fire they worked with, rather than to battle demons. As coal workers, Tanjiro witnessed that his father could perform the Hinokami dance all night, even in the freezing cold and while ill.

Tanjiro didn’t appear to be very knowledgeable about demons or the Demon Slayer Corps, but he did know how to breathe. Tanjuro claimed that there is a unique method of breathing that assures one does not feel fatigued when a young Tanjiro kamado enquired about his father’s ability to perform Hinokami Kagura all night without being chilly or exhausted.never. Tanjiro couldn’t do the Hinokami Kagura using breathing methods for a long time since he was weary after just one move.Tanjuro’s influence on the Demon Slayer can be seen in his bond with his son, although how Nezuko remembers him is unknown.

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Tanjuro led Tanjiro into the woods a few weeks before his death, as part of the manga’s “Infinity Castle” narrative, to fight a large bear that had eaten several neighbours.

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Tanjiro was impressed that his father was aware of the bear’s presence despite the fact that he had not rung the warning bell they had set up. Tanjiro used an axe far too little to be effective against such a large beast to decapitate the bear in the blink of an eye. Tanjuro was an excellent warrior despite his weak health, and he was able to employ his mastery of the Hinokami Kagura for his dancing.

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Tanjuro Kamado bore a mark similar to Tanjiro‘s scar on his head , which identified Tanjuro as the chosen master of the Sunbreath. This backs up Shinjuro Rengoku’s assertion that the Sun breathing is fated. Muzan Kibutsuji is known for his anti-Sun breathing stance, therefore it was either by chance or design that he only assaulted the Kamados after Tanjuro’s death. Tanjuro’s near-mastery of the Sun breathing is the Demon Slayer Corps’ best hope for destroying demons in Japan. The Demon Slayer series could have been substantially shorter if Tanjuro had lived long enough to adequately educate his son in Sunbreathing – or to fight utilising his own mastery of the skill.

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