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The Demon Slayer: Is Yoriichi Tsugikuni Related to Tanjiro?

The most powerful of all the Demon Slayer’s breathing methods is Sun Breathing, and Tanjiro has a striking likeness to Yoriichi, the man who created him.

Yoriichi Tsugikuni is one of Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba’s most prominent and intriguing characters. Yoriichi is the indisputable champion of demon slayers, having invented Sun breathing, the original and most powerful breathing style of all.

Despite the fact that he died many years before the events of the story, his Sunbreathing lives on owing to Tanjiro, who now possesses the most powerful breathing style and bears an uncanny similarity to the original Sun breathing.

Yoriichi’s life has been tragic, as it has been for many others in a world ruled by demons, yet his bond with the Kamado family provides an unexpected response to one of Demon Slayer’s most commonly asked questions: Is there a connection between Yoriichi and Tanjiro?

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Muzan is defeated by Yoriichi in The Demon Slayer.
Yoriichi was born with the Mark of the Sunblower, at a time when Breathing Styles did not yet exist. His family assumed he was hard of hearing because he didn’t talk until he was seven years old. His mother begged to the sun gods for him to hear, and the Hanafuda earrings were given to him as amulets.

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Thanks to his ability to see in the transparent world, he was already a master of the sword when he was a child.Yoriichi had the ability to see into people’s bodies and could read their muscular twitches in order to foretell how they would move. Yoriichi encountered members of the Demon Slayer Corps later in life, after his wife and kid were slaughtered by demons, and taught them the Breathing Styles, despite the fact that none of them, including his twin brother, can use Sun Breathing.

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Yoriichi compared the Demon Ancestor as magma rising from a volcano, boiling and bubbling as if to swallow everything during his tragic encounter with Muzan Kibutsuji. He realised then that he was born with Sun breathing’s might just for the purpose of conquering Muzan. Yoriichi, in fact, defeated Muzan in a second with a demonstration of swordsmanship so flawless that Kibutsuji’s cells now shake when he recalls the battle. Unfortunately, Yoriichi had a question for Kibutsuji before executing him, allowing him to flee.

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Yoriichi saw himself as a failure for allowing Muzan to go just as it was revealed that his own brother had chosen to become a demon known as Kokushibo, the highest rank among the twelve Kizuki. Yoriichi considered the Sun breathing to be some kind of divine power he was endowed with, and he suffered from not being able to use this gift to rid the world of demons as his own brother succumbed. The divine essence of Sun-Breathing explains why Tanjiro Kamado looks so much like Yoriichi, despite the fact that they are unrelated. Yoriichi’s only living blood relative is Muichiro Tokito, and the Mist Hashira is a descendant of Michikatsu Tsugikuni, Yoriichi’s twin brother, who was left behind when he became a demon slayer and eventually a demon.

Yoriichi in Muzan's MemoriesYoriichi defended the Kamado family from demons when he was still a demon slayer and remained a close friend of the family. He returned to the Kamados after failing to beat Muzan and seeing his brother’s transformation into a monster. Suyako (the mother) inquired about the Sun breathing forms, which Sumiyoshi (the father) carved into her mind while Yoriichi executed them. The Kamado family knew they’d never see Yoriichi again when he put on his Hanafuda curls, so they pledged to pass on the sun breathing to their generations in gratitude.
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The Kamado men have Yoriichi’s auburn hair, and Tanjiro now wears the same Hanafuda earrings Yoriichi wore. Despite the Kamados’ near-perfect precision in transmitting Sunbreath forms, it wasn’t until Tanjiro that the mark of a chosen Sunbreath emerged on one of them. By being chosen to wield the Sunbreath, Yoriichi and Tanjiro are related, but Yoriichi died long after his wife and kid, leaving him with no direct offspring. Yoriichi and his family have been reborn and are seen in the background of a panel as Tanjiro’s offspring go to school in the final chapter of the Demon Slayer manga.

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