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The Corps lost another Hashira

There was a tragic loss of a life of Hashira after the battle against High Rank Six.Hashira Pillars Demon Slayer

The Demon Slayer Corps is losing Hashira at a very fast rate. Now, Tengen Uzui is retired which means that the Corpse lost another one of its greatest pawns in just a few month. Tanjiro, Zenitsu, and Inosuke must immediately improve their strength. If these missions still imply the end of Hashiras’ lives or careers, the Corps cannot afford to keep identifying them with them. While Tengen boasted to Iguro that Tanjiro is on the verge of becoming a Hashira, the duel with Gyutaro shown that Tanjiro requires more time to mature than the Corps can provide.

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A high-ranking demon was slain for the first time in 100 years thanks to the united efforts of Tengen, Tanjiro, Inosuke, and Zenitsu. This was a great achievement. However, the fact that Demon Slayer Corpse lost yet another valuable swordsman can’t let the Demon Slayer Corps celebrate their victory. Muzan Kibutsuji, the demon’s progenitor, is vicious in many ways. Despite his dislike for most of his demons, he appears to have a soft place for Daki. Apart from that, the death of a High Rank should infuriate him just for the sake of principle.

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Tengen won’t be able to fight anymore because the battle with Gyutaro cost him an eye and a hand. Even if Muzan decides to take his revenge on Tengen, he won’t be able to fight against him. Tengen fought very bravely against Gyutaro even when he lost his hand, all because of his Musical Score Technique. However, he can’t always rely only on his one hand all the time. If Tengen himself said that he can’t fight anymore then he really can’t. He had been very diligent and brave throughout though.

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Tengen had apparently called in another Hashira as backup, and Iguro Obanai was upset at the prospect of losing another Hashira after Rengoku’s death. Tengen must be certain that he can no longer fight at the level required by a Hashira if he is willing to retire knowing that it will cripple the Corps. Tengen’s days of high-ranking fighting are long gone, yet he could almost likely slaughter lower-level demons with ease. Tengen’s retirement does not appear to be totally justified by his injuries, but he has made a commitment to one of his wives that he must keep.

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Tengen’s decision to retire stems from his wish to live in harmony with Hinatsuru, Makio, and Suma. If they ever beat a High Rank in a previous retrospective, Hinatsuru advised them to retire, as it would undoubtedly balance the scales of their shinobi sins. Tengen’s childhood has weighed hard on him as a result of his father’s rigorous training, and one of the reasons Tengen became a demon slayer was to find something new to believe in. Now that he believes he has finished his task, Tengen is ready to embark on the next exciting chapter of his life.

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Tengen, despite his self-loathing, assisted in the defeat of a high-ranking demon that 22 other Hashira had perished fighting and no high-ranking Hashira has killed in the preceding 100 years, so let’s hope he improves his self-esteem when he retires. Nonetheless, Tengen’s self-pity that he’s nothing remarkable even as Hashira appears to be rooted on actuality rather than low self-esteem. After all, Iguro referred to Gyutaro as “only” the Upper Six, implying that if he had arrived on time, Gyutaro wouldn’t have been too tough for the Serpent Hashira to defeat.

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