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The 10 worst ways to die in Demon Slayer

Demon Slayer battles frequently result in a variety of deaths that most people would rather not see. Demon Slayer is a manga and anime series set in a world where humans and demons live side by side. The series features a significant number of terrible deaths on both sides due to a demon’s diet consisting primarily of human flesh. Every day is a battle for survival, and many of the personalities have had tragic outcomes.

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Fans can enjoy countless battle scenarios thanks to the supernatural abilities that demons obtain after transformation, as well as the different sword and breath techniques that demon slayers learn. These fights, however, frequently result in a wide range of deaths that most individuals would prefer to avoid.

Get trapped in the Swamp Demon’s swamp

The swamp demon has the ability to wander in and out of its own swamp. As it moves, this micro dimension resembles a puddle, allowing the demon to sneak into unsuspecting homes and suck the residents into the swamp. The chamber is dimly lit, and the strewn clothing of former victims serves as a chilling reminder of what happens to those trapped there.


As the swamp consists entirely of water, it is difficult for anyone other than the Swamp Demon to move around, and it is impossible to breathe. Any ordinary person would not be able to resurface.

Getting killed after revealing information about Muzan

When it comes to commanding the respect and loyalty of the demons he produces, Muzan is extremely strict. He won’t hesitate to kill someone who does something he doesn’t like. The swamp demon declined to provide Tanjiro any information on Muzan because he was afraid of the consequences. Susamaru was duped into pronouncing Muzan’s name aloud during a following fight. Muzan’s blood pushed her to her death as a punishment for her transgression, two huge arms sprouting from her lips and stomach.


Being transformed into a “work of art” by Gyokko

Gyokko is a higher-ranking demon who frequently takes his residence in a decorative pot. He has the ability to make and travel between pots, carefully disguising himself from those who are unaware of his presence. He drags a swordsman into his pot by force when he first arrives to the village of swordsmen. He crushes another person by forcing them into his pot, resulting in a painful death. To add insult to injury, he enjoys rearranging his victims’ bodies in grotesque ways and proudly displaying his work.

Being imprisoned and dissolved by the Spider Sister

Sister Spider Spider silk could be launched from the Spider Sister’s hands. This silk created a cocoon around its victims. Despite its smooth look, Silk was as hard as steel and impossible to cut even with specialised blades for most Demon Slayers. Few people can accept being confined in a small space. On top of that, the acid in the cocoon slowly melts everything inside. This method of killing is slow and painful, and Sister Spider waits until her victims are limp before consuming them.

Demon Slayer the death of one of Mugen's protagonists

Being controlled by the mother spider

She can manipulate humans with her spider threads by using tiny spiders that attach herself to their victims. Slayers that enter her woodland find it difficult to approach her since she has the ability to manipulate people from afar. Being forced to kill each other by becoming her puppet creates physical and mental agony. She lacks empathy, forcing the limbs of her puppets to move in unpleasant and unnatural ways. She makes her victims feel powerless before snapping their necks and murdering them.

Receiving too much blood from Muzan

After turning into a demon, Muzan ‘s blood took on supernatural properties. By giving blood to humans, he could turn them into demons. Additionally, he could continue to give blood to demons, giving them the ability to grow stronger if they could stand it. Receiving a large amount of blood can be painful, as shown by the case of Enmu writhing in pain when he was already a demon.

Muzan facing 3F Yoriichi

Muzan chose to donate his blood to a human woman after encountering a group of humans in an alley. He spilled far too much of his blood on her. His body couldn’t handle such a fast change. His skin began to bubble and his overloaded cells caused his body to turn into a horrifying red mass of melted flesh.

Being burned by sunlight as a demon

Apart from Muzan, demons are terrified of the sun. They can easily escape Wisteria Blossoms and develop abilities and strategies to deal with Demon Slayers, but the majority of them can simply hide from the light. Given his constant presence, it’s understandable that Muzan was keen to eliminate this flaw. Immunity, on the other hand, is incredibly rare, and only two characters in the series have it. Demons have terrible burn marks on their skin when exposed to sunlight. They burn alive and turn to ashes if left in the sun for too long. The demons are so afraid of the sun that even Akaza runs away from it as soon as he realizes it is rising.

Die to Shinobu Kocho, Yushiro, and Tamayo’s Anti-Muzan Poison

Muzan was given four different stages of the medicine, one of which stood out above the rest. This step is designed to age the victim incredibly quickly. Muzan grew older by more than 50 years every minute. He had aged by 9,000 years in just a few hours.

Will Gyutaro die or survive the attack in Demon Slayer The Pleasure Quarter

Muzan could feel the affects of this medicine even as an eternal entity, and it slowed him down significantly. If this medicine could work on humans, it would be particularly terrifying, as the average mortal would only endure a few minutes at best.

Being trapped in Enmu’s nightmares

Enmu was a lower-rank demon with the capacity to hypnotise people. He influenced their fantasies after they were asleep. He frequently delivers his victims happy dreams, saying that by doing so, he is helping people. Tanjiro witnessed Enmu’s ability to torture his victims with nightmares.

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He made Tanjiro experience visions of his deceased family, telling him that they detested him and blamed him for their deaths. Enmu may torment a person for a long time with their worst fears before killing them, making their final moments completely horrible.

Being killed by a demonized loved one

Demons are known to eat anyone in their vicinity when they first transform, as they are blinded by their own hunger. Muzan’s influence causes many of them to become more callous and violent. Although Nezuko did not consume Tanjiro in his demonic condition, the scene was heartbreaking, demonstrating that survival may sometimes be more of a punishment than a blessing.

Tanjiro never lost her confidence, which surely killed many other people who found themselves in a similar situation. Tamayo experienced the tragedy of killing her husband and children after becoming a demon, and they surely felt confusion and anguish in their final moments.


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