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The 10 healthiest Demon Slayer characters, ranked in order of importance.

These innocent Demon Slayer characters are like a beam of sunshine, brightening up an otherwise dismal narrative. Demon Slayer is a notable shonen fantasy anime with an equally memorable and appealing cast of characters, ranging from protagonist Tanjiro Kamado to the strong nine Hashira, as well as some surprisingly friendly demons like Kyogai. Both their combat ability and personality differ widely among these individuals.

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Anime enthusiasts, regardless of gender or demographic, enjoy healthy characters, which includes shonen action series like Demon Slayer. While villains like Muzan Kibutsuji and arrogant Zenitsu Agatsuma aren’t exactly wholesome, some characters are, and that is what makes them the finest in shonen. They all provided a good example of personal happiness and generous, kind behaviour that any shonen hero should exhibit.

Tengen Uzui takes care of his three ninja partners

Tengen Uzui is Hashira, the lightning-quick-sounding character who is also known for his colourful and bright nature, complete with a sparkling attire to match.At times, he didn’t seem healthy at all, as he was quick to yell at Tanjiro ‘s team and seemed rather conceited. But then his good side came out.

Muzan Kibutsuji and Kagaya Ubuyashiki

Tengen is a ninja with a heart, a shinobi who personally values his three wives as persons, not merely as battlefield assets, as flashbacks from the Entertainment District arc revealed. He’s even willing to challenge tradition and make enemies for them, and that’s a healthy thing to do.

Mitsuri Kanroji is all about the power of love

Mitsuri Kanroji is about the transformative power of love. Mitsuri Kanroji is a charming, colourful Hashira who, despite her initial dislike for Nezuko, is a good and caring individual who is easy to admire, despite the fact that she hasn’t done or spoken much in the Demon Slayer anime. Later in the manga and in the linked manga volume Stories of Water and Flame, she makes more significant appearances.

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Mitsuri is a kind and empathic person who believes in the power of love and charity, as evidenced by her breathing style.. She personally loves all of her fellow Hashira, and it seems there is no hatred or anger in her heart. She is one of the most positive Demon Slayer characters.

Kanao Tsururi is calm and gentle

Kanao Tsuyuri makes judgments by flipping a coin, which makes her eerily similar to Two-Face from the Batman comics. Kanao, on the other hand, is a gentle, low-key demon slayer with no venom or wrath in her heart, unlike a DC villain. She isn’t a pacifist, but she never draws her blade unless it is absolutely necessary.

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Kanao is also one of the quieter characters in the anime, and she barely said a word to Tanjiro when they met. But even then, it was easy for Demon Slayer fans to see that Kanao is a good-natured person with a sound mind, and that’s enough to brighten Tanjiro ‘s day.

Kagaya Ubuyashiki cherishes Hashira

Kagaya, the captain of the Demon Slayer Corps, needed minimal screen time to illustrate how wholesome and gentle he is, just like Mitsuri and Kanao. For begin, he has a fair and unbiased mentality, as evidenced by the fact that he gave Sanami and Nezuko a fair chance to prove themselves during a dispute. On principle, he didn’t kill Nezuko.

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Furthermore, Kagaya exudes an unmistakable atmosphere of compassion and positivity, which is just what the Desperate Demon Slayer Corps requires. He also considers the Hashira to be his offspring and treats them as such.

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