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Tengen women joined the battle against Upper 6

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Tengen’s women may have just gotten the best of Gyutaro and Daki in Demon Slayer Season 2 Episode 15 despite being forced out of town.

Tengen Uzui

During Tengen Uzui’s fight against Daki and Gyutaro in Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba’s “Entertainment District” storyline, he received many waves of reinforcements. One of his wives, Hinatsuru, joined the fray after the lads came to his help early in the battle, while Makio and Suma worked elsewhere in town. The fight against the Upper Six demon siblings has devolved into a full-fledged brawl on the streets of the Entertainment District. Hinatsuru may have created the opening they needed to finally destroy Gyutaro, with Tengen poisoned and Tanjiro on the verge of collapsing.

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The “Entertainment District” arc’s worst moments belonged to Hinatsuru, Makio, and Suma. Posing as prostitutes couldn’t have been much fun, especially given how swiftly the monster Tengen dispatched for them snatched them up. While Makio and Suma were confined in Daki’s belts, Hinatsuru tried everything she could to avoid being captured by Daki, even poisoning herself. Hinatsuru would have died from the poison if Tengen hadn’t discovered her.

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When Tengen Uzui and his wife initially escaped their clan, he told them to always put their own lives first, even their own and the lives of the innocents. It comes out that these three fearless women defied his orders and stayed in town to assist in any way they could. Makio and Suma took it upon themselves to gather the injured and prepare an evacuation, cleaning the field of any collateral damage – almost as if they could sense Tengen’s distress over the lives lost while he was in charge.

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Hinatsuru, hardly able to walk due to the poison, made her way to the battlefield and launched a volley of Kunai – shinobi swords coated in wisteria poison – on Gyutaro, defeating the demon of top rank 6. Tengen was brave enough to cut off Gyutaro’s legs, allowing Tanjiro to attempt to decapitate him, despite the fact that she was breaking his wishes by being present. Hinatsuru’s extraordinary willpower to drag her huge weapon across a rooftop when she could scarcely stand proved that Tengen women are fighters at heart.

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Given their appearance in a flashback of a dialogue between Ubuyashiki and Tengen, Hinatsuru, Makio, and Suma may be honorary, if not official, members of the Demon Slayer Corps. Makio and Suma demonstrated their own combat skills in Daki’s food storage, so it is reasonable to believe that the remaining Tengen spouses will proceed to the battlefield after the area is cleared of civilians. Despite the fact that Daki and Gyutaro share the title of Upper Six, a seven-on-two fight against highly competent demon slayers and shinobi may be too much for the siblings.

Demon Slayer Entertainment District Arc Casts Women of Tengen

Gyutaro has already demonstrated that he can be duped by devious shinobi techniques in Demon Slayer, so Makio and Suma may have even more tricks up their sleeves to assist him fend him off whenever they arrive. Given Gyutaro’s loathing for Tengen’s numerous wives, seeing them in person could aggravate the quirky demon even more, either making him more more powerful or distracting him from his own demise. In their fight against Gyutaro, both Tengen and Tanjiro are in grave danger, and Tengen’s ladies could be the key to bringing Upper Six down before his Hashira murder total reaches 16.

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