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Tanjiro Kamado is a fictional character who appears in Koyoharu Gotouge’s manga Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba as the main protagonist. Tanjiro is a boy who embarks on a mission to restore the humanity of his sister, Nezuko, who was turned into a demon after his family was murdered by Muzan Kibutsuji after an attack in which his other relatives were killed. Tanjiro is recruited by Giyu Tomioka, a demon slayer, to help his sister turn human again and avenge his family after an encounter with Giyu Tomioka, a demon slayer. Tanjiro has also appeared in a light novel that serves as a prelude to the manga, in addition to Ufotable’s Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba anime adaptation.

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Tanjiro is the eldest of the Kamado brothers, having grown up on a mountain with his mother and younger brothers. His father, Kamado Tanjuro, died young from illness, leaving Tanjiro as the family’s rock.

Tanjiro adores his family and is willing to put his life on the line for them. When he threw himself to shield his sibling from the boiling kettle, he got a marking on his forehead. Tanjiro will be in charge of selling coal in the family to help maintain the family financially. He frequently sells coal on the street, where many people recognize him and frequently purchase donations.

Kamado Tanjiro


Tanjiro could be a young man with a tanned complexion and a strong physique. His burgundy dark hair is pulled back to reveal his forehead, and his eyes are enormous, broad, and dull ruddy. In addition, Tanjiro has a scar on the clean side of his brow that protects his sibling from the falling coal heater. The scar was initially thought to be a wound until Tanjiro encountered the Evil presence Hand within the Last Determination, at which point it became an Evil presence Murdering Check. Tanjiro’s hands are described as harsher than those of people his age, and they became much more disagreeable when he underwent extensive training with Mr. Urokodaki Sakonji. Tanjiro has a similar appearance to his forefather Sumiyoshi, with the same face structure, eyes, and haircut; however, although Sumiyoshi’s hair is longer, Tanjiro’s hair is shoulder-length and tied back. head. Tanjiro’s first appearance consists of him wearing an ocean sea blue checkered haori top, a white shirt, and dark jeans. He wears a blue scarf with a white leg band on a regular basis.

Tanjiro Kamado’s Influence

Strength and capacity Tanjiro was able to counterattack Giyu when the Water Columns were taken off guard from the very beginning, when he was not a member of the Evil presence Slaughtering Group. He was able to overcome more demonic presences after commencing his training with the Breath of Water, including prior Lower Huyen Luc Kyogai. If Rui hadn’t wounded his head with his silk string, he would have been able to defeat Xia Xuanwei from the moment he awakened the Fire God God he learnt from his father. After that, because to his constant preparation and his Expulsion Stamp, Tanjiro was able to face the Rulers in the same way he battled Akaza with Giyu, at which time Tanjiro’s quality was practically equivalent to one. Primary. Despite being injured in the previous fight with Muzan, Tanjiro was able to duel him, severely injuring the other Demon Slayers nearby. When Muzan is standing beside Tanjiro, he has the impression that Tanjiro reminds him of Tsugikuni Yoriichi, who had previously destroyed him.


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The personality of Tanjiro Kamado

Tanjiro is a nice guy who has a very gentle glance, according to everyone. He demonstrated his dedication by never giving up on the goal he set for himself; the most famous example of this is his never-ending struggle to convert his sister back into a human. Despite his great strength, Tanjiro is always willing to aid anyone in need. He adores his pals and would occasionally guard them alongside his sister. Tanjiro, no matter how kind and empathetic he is, has a limit to his stamina, and he despises being impolite and cowardly, as he did when irritated by Zenitsu’s continual complaining and enraged by Inosuke’s savage behavior.

Tanjiro’s most defining characteristic is his empathy for everyone, including demons, which causes him to be cautious to employ finishing moves. This personality flaw was a disadvantage because it allowed some demons to take advantage of his empathy to recuperate and continue fighting in select rare confrontations. Tanjiro, on the other hand, has become more cautious and rigid with his judgements as a result of his years of training. His bravery in defending the lesser has allowed him to treat his adversary with respect, whether good or evil.

Tanjiro is a human with a spark of fury and hatred burning within him behind his compassion and friendliness. Tanjro displays this part of his personality when he first touches Muzan’s forehead while drawing his sword and preparing to strike him. When Muzan manages to flee, Tanjiro expresses his displeasure and promises to annihilate Muzan. When the other Demon Slayers were twisted by Mother Spider-silk Man’s threads on another occasion, Tanjiro erupted in rage that even Inosuke could sense. This element of Muzan’s nature fully emerges after he boasts about his strength and refers to it as a natural calamity. “Can’t let you exist on this planet any longer,” Tanjiro replied to Muzan.

Like most demons in the early stages of their metamorphosis, Tanjiro appeared careless as a Demon. He attacks anyone in his path, including his friends and teammates, as if he were a ferocious beast. But Nezuko was an exception; after tasting Nezuko’s blood, he did not harm her; there are hints that he is dealing with his metamorphosis on his own. Muzan’s hatred for the Demon Slayers stems from his desire to eliminate the Demon Slayer Team.

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