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Tanjiro Kamado vs Inosuke Hashibira

Tanjiro Kamado vs Inosuke Hashibira is a fight that took place outside the House of Drums. It focuses on the fight between Demon Slayer Tanjiro Kamado and Demon Slayer Inosuke Hashibira.

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After defeating ex-Twelve Kizuki member Kyogai, Tanjiro arrives outside with Kiyoshi on his back. Much to his horror, he discovers his new acquaintance, Zenitsu, bleeding on the floor as he clings to the box containing Nezuko.

The mysterious boar-headed assailant begins punching Zenitsu, yelling at him to get up and fight, while threatening to stab him with the box. Witnessing the assault, Tanjiro is enraged as he has a flashback of when he saw his family dead on the ground, and rushes to attack the assailant, prompting a fight.

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Tanjiro rushes to stop the assailant from stabbing Zenitsu by punching him in the stomach, knocking him backwards. The impact of the punch is so powerful that Zenitsu looks shocked after hearing the assailant’s bones shatter. Tanjiro scolds the boy for drawing his sword at Zenitsu and trying to fight him, despite being a member of the Corps, as the boy struggles to get up. Tanjiro tries to defuse the fight by explaining that it’s not right for Corps members to fight each other, but the assailant tries to punch Tanjiro in the face. Tanjiro realizes that the assailant intends to fight him, and he is forced to defend himself while trying to knock him out to stop the fight. As they fight,

He tries to kick him in the legs in order to throw him off balance, but the assailant gets under Tanjiro’s leg and knocks him to the ground. The assailant shows extreme flexibility, causing Tanjiro to blame him for hurting himself. The assailant refuses to listen to Tanjiro and steps forward to attack him again. Tanjiro angrily headbutts him and asks him to calm down, causing the assailant’s mask to fall off.

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Tanjiro and Zenitsu stare at the boy in shock upon seeing his feminine face, and he begins to get irritated when they stare at him. The boy yells at Tanjiro to headbutt him again so they can continue the fight, but Tanjiro refuses and tells him to sit down. The boy tells Tanjiro that his name is Inosuke Hashibira, but when asked how his name is spelled he reveals that he can’t read or write Inosuke suddenly stops talking and everyone stares at him to see what what he will do next. However, his eyes roll back and he falls unconscious to the ground.

The group remain stunned as Tanjiro explains that Inosuke likely has a concussion from the headbutt he gave him, reassuring that he is not dead. Zenitsu looks at Tanjiro in horror as he was unsurprised by the powerful headbutt, ending the confrontation.

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Continuation of the fight

Inosuke wakes up angry after being knocked out and attempts to attack Zenitsu once more, only to find that everyone is burying the House of Drum bodies. Tanjiro sees Inosuke and asks him to help them bury the bodies, but he refuses and asks Tanjiro to fight him instead. The latter misunderstands Inosuke and tells him to rest because his injuries must be painful, and reassures him that they can continue while Inosuke takes a break.
Feeling being laughed at, Inosuke becomes determined to show Tanjiro that he can do anything they can do and shouts that he can bury hundreds of people, before proceeding to quickly bury the bodies. . After the burial, Inosuke accompanies Tanjiro and Zenitsu as they follow the crows to the next location.

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