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Tanjiro Kamado, Nezuko Kamado, Tamayo, and Yushiro vs. Susamaru and Yahaba

Susamaru and Yahaba vs. Tanjiro Kamado, Nezuko Kamado, Tamayo, and Yushiro is a battle that took place in Asakusa, Tokyo. It revolves around the battle between Tanjiro Kamado, Nezuko Kamado, Tamayo, and Yushiro, as well as the demons Susamaru and Yahaba.

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Muzan Kibutsuji, enraged by his encounter with a young demon slayer, orders his two assassins to deliver the hunter’s head, complete with hanafuda-shaped earrings, to him. Susamaru and Yahaba agree to help their master and set out to find the Demon Slayer.

Meanwhile, Yushiro transports Tanjiro and his sister to Tamayo’s home, which he has hidden using his Blindfold technique. Inside, they talk about Nezuko’s condition and decide to work together to defeat Muzan and find a cure for the demons.

Tamayo specifically requests that Tanjiro collect the blood of Demons linked to Muzan so that she can study it in the hopes of finding a cure for Nezuko. Tanjiro agrees to let Tamayo test his sister’s blood as well, in the hopes that this cure will allow all Demons to return to normal.

Yahaba follows Tanjiro and Yushiro’s footsteps to Tamayo’s house using his Blood Demon Art. Despite the fact that the house is not visible, he orders Susamaru to begin the assault. Susamaru breaks the talisman covering the house with one of her temari, revealing Tamayo’s clinic. When temari bullets begin to ricochet and tear through the entire house, Tamayo and everyone inside is taken aback.


The Battle Begins
Susamaru acknowledges that Yahaba was correct about the hidden house, but the latter is perplexed when she senses the Demon Slayer and several other demons. Susamaru is also told by Yahaba to attack with more grace and maturity on Tamayo’s clinic, the Temari Demon ignores her partner and lets her temari handballs run wild.

The Demon’s strength astounds Tanjiro and Yushiro, who find themselves at the mercy of her temari while attempting to protect Tamayo and Nezuko. Yushiro tries to protect Lady Tamayo from the flying temari, but a ball that curves abnormally in the air completely destroys his head.

Tanjiro is terrified and asks Nezuko to secure all of the other residents of the house, realizing that Susamaru is on a completely different level than any of the other demons he has encountered.

Through a large hole in the wall, Susamaru notices Tanjiro and recognizes him as the Demon Slayer they are looking for. Tamayo orders her to fight without regard for her or Yushiro because they are Demons who can heal. Tanjiro knows that if he tries to dodge the Temari Demon’s balls, they will simply deflect. Instead, Tanjiro uses Water Breathing, Seventh Form: Drop Ripple Thrust, Curve as a retaliation.

Susamaru admires Tanjiro’s use of the curve temari to cushion the blow. The temari, on the other hand, can still move and flies away from Tanjiro’s sword. Yushiro regenerates his head slowly and tells Lady Tamayo that Tanjiro is to blame for blowing their cover. Yushiro declares that the Demons will never be forgiven for harming Lady Tamayo.

Susamaru is amused, so she removes her kimono and sprouts four extra arms. She promises to play with her new friends until they die, wielding six temari this time. Tanjiro tries to deflect the barrage of handballs coming through the house while Yushiro concentrates on protecting Tamayo while switching his spell to attack mode. He manages to cut two of them in half, but the halves turn on him. Tanjiro notices that two demons are currently attacking him and can sense them.

Yushiro imbues Tanjiro with a talisman and reveals Yahaba’s arrows, which guide the temari through the air. Tanjiro can effectively avoid temari thanks to his newly enlightened eyesight. He tells Nezuko to take care of the arrow demon in the trees while he goes outside and confronts Susamaru. Susamaru notices his earrings and promises to return to Muzan with his head. She throws six of her temari at him, and the arrows guide them around the outside of the house as they pursue Tanjiro.

With his advanced agility, he can avoid them, but he needs Nezuko to disable the arrows that guide the temari balls. Yahaba is hiding high in the trees when Nezuko finds him and kicks him, distracting him from the temari[12]. As Yahaba concentrates on defending himself from several kicks from Nezuko[13], the arrows guiding Susamaru’s balls fade. The Temari Demon’s weapons stop in their tracks without the direction of the arrows, giving Tanjiro the perfect opportunity to counterattack. With Water Breath: Flow Dance, the young demon slayer severs Susamaru’s arms and cuts all the temari in half.

Tanjiro inquires as to whether these two demons are related to Muzan, to which Tamayo responds that they most likely are. In this fight, he insistently promises to draw their blood. Susamaru is amused by this and challenges him to extract blood from them. To avoid offending her master, she declines the demon slayer. Susamaru, enraged by Nezuko’s filthy feet, uses his Blood Demon Art to send him flying. Susamaru regenerates all of his arms in an instant, and Nezuko collides with Tanjiro. Everyone is enticed to fight against the Temari Demon by the Temari Demon. Tanjiro places his trust in Nezuko, and the two sprint towards their respective foes.

Twelve Kizuki?

Tanjiro notices the opening thread on Yahaba’s neck, but is stopped in his tracks by his Blood Demon Art: Koketsu Arrow, which snaps the thread and pushes Tanjiro away. He then shoots another arrow at Tanjiro, sending him into a tree. Yahaba bombards Tanjiro with a barrage of arrows that blast him all over the place, crushing him into everything he sees. Tanjiro is in excruciating pain, so the Arrow Demon throws him into the air and drops him from a height where he will almost certainly die. Tanjiro retaliates by using the Waterfall Basin, the Eighth Form of Water Breathing, to soften the blow.

Susamaru is attempting to overwhelm Nezuko with her temari at the same time. Yushiro turns invisible and hits Nezuko point-blank after Nezuko dodges and distracts Susamaru. Yushiro appears, revealing himself and promising to punish Susamaru for injuring Lady Tamayo. Yahaba then recognizes Tamayo as Tamayo the Fugitive and decides to return her head to Lord Muzan. Susamaru gathers three balls and throws them at Yushiro and Nezuko, who stand on either side of her.

Yushiro manages to avoid the bullets, but Nezuko’s leg is severed when she tries to return one. Tamayo rushes to Nezuko’s aid after Susamaru kicks her into the house. Susamaru is overjoyed and asks if they can bring all of their heads, but Yahaba says only the demon slayer and fugitive ones are required.

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Tanjiro, tired of fighting, mulls over his options against the incredibly powerful Arrow Demon. Yahaba attacks with arrows this time, chasing Tanjiro. The Demon Slayer can’t even use his sword to defend himself because the arrows will detonate if the blade hits them. Tanjiro collides with a brick wall and loses his blade for a brief moment.

Tanjiro slips out of his kimono to avoid Yahaba’s attempt to toss the young demon slayer into the air. The Arrow Demon, on the other hand, wraps an arrow around Tanjiro’s arm and threatens to twist him, to let go of his arm.

Tanjiro convinces himself that the only way to win is to avoid hitting the arrows. Yahaba attempts to end the fight with more arrows, forcing Tanjiro to use the Fifth Form’s spin to wrap the arrows. Then he combines the two movements in the sixth form of Water Breathing: Spinning Whirlwind, Flowing Water, using the third form’s footwork to get closer to Yahaba. Tanjiro can stop the arrows from moving and absorb their kinetic energy to power his next attack with this move. Tanjiro uses Water Breathing, Second Form: Enhanced, Side Water Wheel on Yahaba, slicing off his head.

When not underwater, the whirlwind technique loses strength, but Yahaba’s arrows have increased its attack strength. Yahaba, enraged by his impending death, makes every effort to bring Tanjiro with him to the grave. The Arrow Demon simultaneously places multiple arrows on Tanjiro’s body, blasting him with greater force than ever before. Tanjiro defends himself by using Water Blast, Fourth Form: Striking Tide to cushion the blow against a brick wall. Another Kotetsu Arrow appears in Tanjiro, shooting him high into the air with enough force to make triggering a breathing technique even more difficult. This does not deter him, as he scatters the arrow with Water Breathing, Second Form: Water Wheel.

But another appears out of nowhere and drags him down. He uses the eighth form of Water Breathe to stop it: Waterfall Basin, Slash from the Water’s Surface, Drop Ripple Thrust, Curve, and Whirlpool. Tanjiro’s body is strained by a series of blows. He manages to hold on until Yabaha’s head completely disintegrates and he collapses exhausted to the ground. Tanjiro is too exhausted to take up his katana, so he crawls towards Nezuko with his blade tucked between his teeth.

Susamaru vs. Nezuko, Tamayo, and Yushiro

Susamaru creates a dust screen by repeatedly bouncing her temari on the ground. She fires the temari through the smoke at Yushiro, but the latter claims that he can easily avoid line attacks without the use of arrows. Yushiro vanishes and tries to close in on his opponent, but Susamaru sees him through the smoke screen. When Nezuko reappears and successfully fends off the Temari Demon, the Temari is about to rip Yushiro’s head off with a powerful throw.

Yushiro watches in awe as Nezuko uses her low kicks to return all of Susamaru’s powerful blows. Susamaru, enraged, challenges her to a high-speed kicking match in which they exchange temari kicks and kick the ball back and forth. Yushiro inquires as to what Tamayo did to her, but the Doctor reveals that she only used a demon-healing serum. Nezuko demonstrates her own physical strength, which quickly grows. She even manages to kick the temari so hard that it flies past her head and smashes the wall behind her, despite Susamaru’s best efforts.

Tamayo recognizes Susamaru’s hesitation and decides that she must decide this fight quickly. Tamayo confronts Susamaru and inquires about her cowardly leader Muzan before attempting to pursue Nezuko. While casting a blood enchantment spell without her opponent’s knowledge, she reveals the truth about Muzan’s deception. Susamaru’s brain functions are weakened by the magical aroma of daylight, which causes her to invoke Muzan’s name and tell Tamayo to stop disrespecting her.

Susamaru immediately recognizes her error and begs forgiveness. Muzan’s curse, on the other hand, cruelly destroys Susamaru’s body from within by spawning demonic arms.

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Continuation of the fight

Susamaru succumbs to the curse, and the demonic arms completely crush his body. Tanjiro gathers everyone in time to witness the horrific scene. Yushiro rushes over to cover the Demon Slayer’s mouth, preventing him from inhaling Tamayo’s spell.

Susamaru’s remains are examined by Tamayo, who discovers that she is not one of the Twelve Kizuki. Susamaru does not have his number engraved on his eyeball like the other Kizuki. Despite being a powerful Demon in her own right, she is also far too weak.

Yushiro believes their adversaries got exactly what they deserved, but Tamayo insists on taking a blood sample. She then proceeds to heal Nezuko, who has both been healed and affected by her magical daylight aroma.

Susamaru’s weak voice is noticed by Tanjiro, who is kind enough to return the temari to her before the sun rises and burns her to ashes. Susamaru was duped into believing she was a member of the Twelve Kizuki and coerced into fighting for Muzan, only to be slaughtered mercilessly by her curse. Even his own subordinates are treated in this manner by the original Devil.


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