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Tanjiro Kamado, Nezuko Kamado, Genya Shinazugawa, and Mitsuri Kanroji vs. Hantengu

Tanjiro Kamado, Nezuko Kamado, Genya Shinazugawa, and Mitsuri Kanroji vs Hantengu is a duel between the demon slayers Tanjiro Kamado and Genya Shinazugawa, the lover Hashira Mitsuri Kanroji, and the demon Nezuko Kamado, and the rank four senior, Hantengu, in the village of swordsmen.


Tanjiro and Muichiro take their combat position against the Demon in the blink of an eye. Muichiro uses the Breath of the Mist, Fourth Form: Shifting Flow Slash to decapitate the Top Rank. Hantengu easily avoids the attack by leaping to the ceiling, crying in terror and pleading with the Demon Slayers to stop attacking him. Tanjiro believes Hantengu is not completely innocent, as he has consumed a large number of innocent people in order to gain power.

Tanjiro draws his makeshift Nichirin blade, made by Haganezuka since he left the swordsmen’s hamlet before the latter could complete polishing the ancient blade. The Hinokami Kagura: Sunflower Thrust is next used by Tanjiro to paralyse the High Rank so Muichiro can decapitate him, but Hantengu dodges once more. Tanjiro is perplexed as to why the Demon isn’t retaliating. Nezuko then appears and transforms into a demon, hitting Hantengu with an upward front kick, but Tanjiro warns her not to morph since he believes she would attack the swordsmen herself. Muichiro then quickly and easily beheads Hantengu, shocking the other two.

Tanjiro promptly inquires whether there is any particular circumstance, as beheading is not an option. Hantengu regenerates his head and body, forming two different bodies, while yelling at Muichiro not to let his guard down. Muichiro attacks one of the new bodies and they hurl him away from the battlefield with one of his fans, shouting that he will take the one from the back. Tanjiro screams Muichiro’s name in terror as Nezuko clings to the ruins of the structure to save her and Tanjiro from flying off the battlefield. The two Demon Slayers then see two demons, one brandishing a Khakkhara/Shakuj and the other wielding a Japanese maple leaf-shaped fan.

Even when AIZETSU continues to lower Genya, the latter chasms the amida sutra Japanese (舎しゃ衛え 国こく 祇ぎ ゅ 給ぎっ孤こ 独どく 園おん 与 よ だい 比び 丘く 衆しゅう 衆しゅう 衆しゅう 衆しゅう 衆しゅう 衆しゅう Shaekoku gijugikkokuon yodaiBikushū ?).

Continuation of the fight

To decapitate Hantengu, Tanjiro “sacrifices” Nezuko by exposing him to sunlight, yet Nezuko survives the exposure with no scars. Tamayo predicted that Nezuko will be able to withstand the sun in no time.

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