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Tanjiro Kamado and Nezuko Kamado vs Temple Demon

Tanjiro Kamado and Nezuko Kamado vs Temple Demon is a fight between the two siblings, Tanjiro Kamado and Nezuko Kamado against a demon know as the Temple Demon.

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Tanjiro passes through a small town on his way to Mount Sagiri and buys materials to make a basket to carry Nezuko. When Nezuko is able to walk alongside him, he leaves town at sunset.

The siblings come across a temple whose lights are still turned on. Tanjiro wants to see if anyone is there, but he smells blood right away.

Tanjiro dashes to the temple entrance, fearing that someone has been injured on the way. When he opens the door, he discovers a Demon feeding on two dead men. The Demon, enraged, turns to the Kamado brothers and warns them not to enter his domain. As the last light fades, the Demon turns towards them and lunges at Tanjiro.


Tanjiro retaliates quickly, drawing his hatchet and slitting the Demon’s throat. The man-eating demon staggers back, but the “scratch” is fully healed in a matter of seconds. Meanwhile, Nezuko is distracted by the victims’ bloodied bodies.

Tanjiro is pinned to the ground by the Demon before he can react. Tanjiro’s adversary is far stronger and faster than him. The Demon tries to break the boy’s neck, but Nezuko comes to and rushes to his side. Tanjiro is startled when she kicks the Demon in the head.

Nezuko pushes the Demon back into a tree as his body tries to grab Tanjiro. The head and body of the Demon can both move independently. The body attacks first, isolating Nezuko from her brother. Tanjiro tries to assist him, but the Demon’s head flies off his arms and lands on Tanjiro’s hatchet.

He repeatedly kicks Nezuko before tossing her into the forest. Tanjiro gives the Demon a reckless headbutt, which works. The Demon is thrown into a tree with the hatchet and pinned there after two blows to Tanjiro’s rock-hard head.

Tanjiro follows his sister to the cliff’s edge, where she is pushed even closer. Tanjiro tries to throw the Demon’s body off the cliff, but Nezuko catches him before he falls too far. The Demon’s body falls to the ground, knocking out his head.

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Continuation of the fight

Tanjiro prepares a knife to sever the Demon’s head. He finds it difficult to accept taking another life and believes his family was not attacked by the Demon. Tanjiro is told by a man wearing a goblin mask that he cannot defeat a Demon with just a knife.

Tanjiro is challenged by the masked man to find another path. The boy believes that crushing the Demon’s head with a rock will suffice, but he can’t bring himself to do so. Tanjiro is cursed by the Demon until the sun rises and he disintegrates into ashes.

Sakonji Urokodaki is the name of the man. He believes Tanjiro will never be good enough to be a Demon Slayer. Tanjiro is unable to make decisions and cannot even respond to a question about his sister’s potential threat to humans. Regardless, Sakonji agrees to put the abilities to the test.

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