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Tanjiro Kamado and Nezuko Kamado vs. Daki

The fight between Tanjiro Kamado and Nezuko Kamado vs. Daki took place in Yoshiwara, Tokyo. It centers on Tanjiro Kamado and Nezuko Kamado’s battle with the Upper Rank Six, Daki.

Nezuko Fighting in Demon Form 1


Tanjiro notices Daki, who has dark hair, writing Koinatsu on one of his large scarves. Over his left eye, he notices the kanji for High Rank (上じょう弦げん Jōgen?) and realizes that one of the Twelve Kizuki was responsible for the casualties in the Recreation District. Daki inquires of Tanjiro about the Hashira who brought him and Zenitsu to town to fight him.

Tanjiro is quickly perplexed as to what has happened to Koinatsu’s body, as he is unable to feel his blood. He yells at Higher Rank to release Koinatsu, which enrages Daki, who despises orders from anyone, let alone a non-Hashira Demon Slayer. She swings one of her belts at Tanjiro, knocking him out the window and onto a nearby building without asking any more questions. Tanjiro is terrified that the belt hit him so quickly that he didn’t notice it. He’s also terrified of finally facing a Higher Rank, claiming that if he hadn’t reacted the way he did, he would have died from the gash that hit him. or the impact on the structure From there, he quickly learns about his obi and how it serves as his weapon, capable of trapping any living creature inside. Daki admires Tanjiro’s fortitude in the face of his attack and thinks his eyes are particularly attractive. One of the straps on the box containing Nezuko’s Kamado broke off Tanjiro’s right arm, severely damaging it.

Tanjiro understands that if the box takes any more hits, it will be completely destroyed. Tanjiro tells Nezuko that he needs to put the box down because it will weigh him down during the fight with Daki. He tells Nezuko that she must never leave the box unless her life is in danger. Tanjiro and Daki then pounce on each other, launching Tanjiro into his first-ever fight against a High Rank.

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As Daki tries to cut Tanjiro with his obi, Tanjiro uses Water Blast, Fourth Form: Rumbling Tide, Turbulent to slash one of his. The latter avoids his scarves and cuts the obi that had Koinatsu imprisoned. Daki deduces that the demon slayer’s mid-air maneuvers are also impressive, given his ability to dodge and cut Koinatsu without harming him. Daki hears explosions while thinking because Tengen is using Sound Breathing, First Form: Roar to gain access to the dungeons where all of the civilians trapped in his disembodied slings are.

Daki inquires as to how many Demon Slayers have arrived in the city, and Tanjiro responds with four. Tanjiro refuses to respond, despite Daki’s promise to “let him live” if he tells the truth. She then informs Tanjiro that the edge of his Nichirin blade has already been chipped, and that the swordsman who forged Tanjiro’s blade is “very bad,” which he quickly refutes. This enrages Daki, who then inquires about Tanjiro’s chipped Nichirin blade. Tanjiro responds that a sword only breaks because its user isn’t strong enough to effectively fight a demon.

ignite your heart

Tanjiro then realizes that the Hinokami Kagura is better suited to his body and fighting style, but he knew he couldn’t use it because of its brute strength compared to the Water Breath. consecutively. However, he is now confident that he can finally use the Hinokami Kagura as his main breathing style as a result of his intense training, and a vision of Kyojuro Rengoku appears, telling Tanjiro to set his heart on fire. Daki uses the Hinokami Kagura: Raging Sun to cut two of Tanjiro’s belts as he attacks him. His fighting style has become much more lively and efficient, much to his surprise. Tanjiro rushes Daki once more, this time using the Hinokami Kagura:

Daki successfully decapitates Tanjiro with one of his belts, or so she thinks. To distract his companion, Tanjiro uses the Hinokami Kagura: Fake Rainbow to release an afterimage of himself. He appears behind Daki and uses the Hinokami Kagura: Wheel of Fire to cut off his head. This quickly backfires, as Daki slams one of his scarves into Tanjiro. Tanjiro tries to defend quickly but fails because he used several Kagura attacks in rapid succession, putting a lot of strain on his body. The other obi who fought Tengen, his three wives, Inosuke, and Zenitsu rush in and phase into Daki’s body as Tanjiro and Daki continue to fight.

When Tanjiro’s obi melts into his physical body, he takes advantage of the opportunity to strike her with a Hinokami Kagura technique while she is not attacking him. Daki quickly moved past Tanjiro’s senses to the rooftop of a nearby store, her hair turning silver as she did so. Daki detects the presence of a Hashira in the city, who will make him “happy.” Tanjiro notices that his scent has changed and has become more sinister. A young man lashes out at Tanjiro for disturbing the nearby residents in their sleep as he comes to terms with Daki’s newfound strength.

The man’s complaint enrages Daki, prompting her to flail her belt around, destroying the shops and civilians in the area. Tanjiro does his best to defend the man by taking a barrage of stab wounds, leaving him with only his left hand. Tanjiro then notices that the other civilians he was unable to protect are either dead or severely injured, with many being hacked in half or suffering from deep wounds. Despite his uncontrollable rage, Tanjiro advises the man to remain calm and cover his amputated hand. As Tanjiro’s rage becomes more focused, his eyes fill with blood.

Be one with rage

As Tanjiro’s rage grows, he remembers Shinjuro writing him a letter in which he sincerely apologized for hitting him and Senjuro and disparaging Kyojuro. He also tells Tanjiro that all Breath of the Sun users have a unique birthmark on their forehead, proving that Tanjiro is a true Breath of the Sun user. Shinjuro’s explanation is refuted by Tanjiro, who believes he does not have a birthmark and that the burn scar is the result of him protecting his brother from a falling brazier. When he took the Hand Demon’s punch, he was further injured, giving him the appearance of a mark.

Because of this recollection, Tanjiro breaks down in tears and runs towards Daki, who is walking on the roof of a building in the distance, presumably in the direction of Tengen Uzui. He tries to decapitate Daki by grabbing her right leg, but she pulls her foot back to avoid Tanjiro. He explains to Daki about human lives and how once they are lost, they never return. Daki notices a mysterious figure who looks and speaks like Tanjiro while regenerating her foot. Daki, on the other hand, has no idea who this man is and has never seen him; she then realizes that the memory is the result of Muzan Kibutsuji’s cells reacting to Tanjiro’s speech about human life, not her own.

Meanwhile, She claims that now that she is a demon, she is no longer concerned with human flaws, illness, income, age, or the loss of other demons. She also claims that strong and beautiful demons like her are capable of doing anything they want with no repercussions, which infuriates Tanjiro even more. He lunges at Daki, who is using his Blood Demon Art: Eight-Layerered Obi Slash to slice Tanjiro. Daki refuses to deal with Tanjiro any longer, claiming that she will never be able to defeat him because he already had a lot on his plate when she wasn’t using her Blood Demon Art and hadn’t merged with the belt that fought others, increasing his overall power.

Tanjiro, on the other hand, uses the Hinokami Kagura: Burning Bones, Summer Sun to cut off most of his belts. Daki screams in agony as the severed parts of her obi burn like sunlight, but she’s also perplexed by Tanjiro’s wounds not opening due to his sudden movements. Tanjiro continues to crush Daki, making him question his humanity. Tanjiro cuts Daki’s neck, but his flesh transforms into a scarf to soften the blow. She retaliates by throwing thirteen instead of eight sashes, but Tanjiro parries them all with his blade and pins them all in one place. Daki attempts to throw him, believing that pinning his Thirteen Scarves will stop him.

Defend Onii-Chan

As he prepares to slit Daki’s neck, his younger sister Hanako Kamado appears and reminds him to breathe properly, which he had completely forgotten all along. Daki explains to him the two limits of humans, “stamina” and “life,” after he collapses and spits blood. She despises humanity because of these limitations, and how, despite their tenacity, they will always fail. As a result, Daki wants to behead Tanjiro in retaliation for his belt-beheading attempt. Nezuko arrives just as she is about to do so, crushing her skull with a side kick and knocking the High Rank away from her and Tanjiro.

Nezuko is visibly enraged, her veins visible from the numerous civilians killed or injured by Daki. As a result, Daki recalls meeting Muzan and being asked to destroy the second demon who had escaped his control. Daki easily analyzes and predicts Nezuko’s kick, slicing his leg and bisecting him horizontally, knocking her into a nearby building on the ground. Tanjiro recalls his younger brother Takeo Kamado telling him that he and Nezuko are similar in that they don’t care much for themselves when they help others so much. Takeo is also concerned that Nezuko will lose something important to her as a result of this trait.

Daki joins Nezuko on the same floor, remarking on how weak she is for not consuming humans and inquiring how she escaped Muzan’s control. Nezuko’s torso has been severed, and she is unable to regenerate quickly, as Daki reminds her. Daki says she’ll put Nezuko in her belt and let her burn in the sun because they’re both demons and can’t kill each other. To High Rank’s surprise, Nezuko stands up with her right leg already fully healed. In front of Daki, Nezuko also heals her arm instantly, prompting Upper Rank to admit that Nezuko’s healing now rivals her own. The bamboo nozzle’s strap snaps and falls to the ground as Nezuko continues to transform, revealing her mouth.

The mere pressure emanating from Nezuko’s new demonic form frightens Daki. Nezuko rushes to High Rank without hesitation to deliver another downward kick. Daki recognizes the attack right away and cuts her leg again, attempting to decapitate her. Nezuko, on the other hand, lands a powerful blow to Daki’s back, crushing him to the ground. Daki then wonders how a disembodied leg can still kick, but she discovers that cutting Nezuko’s leg allowed it to regenerate quickly enough for her to kick. Which leads her to acknowledge that Nezuko’s regeneration is superior to hers in every way. Nezuko then draws a sadistic grin, her demonic instincts still influencing her choices.

Daki slashes Nezuko’s entire body with her belts, while her right arm, despite being severed from her body, grabs one of them. Nezuko solidified her own blood to stop the impact of her belt, Daki realizes. Nezuko transforms her solidified blood into her Blood Demon Art: Exploding Blood and engulfs Daki in crimson red flames without Daki’s knowledge. Nezuko reassembles her amputated limbs and head, flashes another sadistic smile, and slams Daki’s head into the ground as the High Rank continues to burn and scream in agony and terror.

Continuation of the fight

Nezuko sees several injured civilians after burning Daki with her Blood Demon Art: Exploding Blood and throwing her into a nearby building, particularly a woman whose right forearm was severed by Daki’s belt. She rushes at the woman to eat her and consume her blood after seeing the woman’s blood as a result of her transformation, drastically convincing her demonic instincts. Tanjiro leaps to his feet and uses his legs to restrain Nezuko’s body while his Nichirin blade covers his mouth. Tanjiro begs Nezuko to reclaim her humanity and expresses regret for her fight and injuries.

Nezuko tries to elude Tanjiro by enlarging her body and jumping through numerous buildings, floors, and walls. The right side of Daki’s body, including his face, has been badly burned by Nezuko’s blood demon art. Furthermore, despite being a higher-ranking demon, her regeneration rate has significantly decreased as a result of Nezuko’s flames, which irritates her because she admires her own beauty. Tanjiro is now stuck trying to figure out how to stop Nezuko from devouring a human while also protecting Daki’s bystanders. The Hashira Tengen Uzui sound appears in front of him just as he is about to reflect on his actions. Tengen tells Tanjiro that his sister is transforming into a true demon, losing her humanity in the process. He also mentions that Tanjiro told Kagaya Ubuyashiki that Nezuko would never eat a human, and that is exactly what happened. Daki is relieved to see Hashira without having to look for him, but he is annoyed that he ignores her. Tengen tells Daki bluntly that she is too weak to be a Higher Rank, and thus cannot be the demon he seeks.

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