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Tanjiro Kamado and Inosuke Hashibira vs Spider Demon (Father)

Tanjiro Kamado and Inosuke Hashibira vs Spider Demon (Father) is a battle that took place on Natagumo Mountain. It focuses on the battle between Demon Slayers Tanjiro Kamado and Inosuke Hashibira against Father Spider Demon.

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Tanjiro faintly hears thunder and is perplexed because he doesn’t feel or see any thunderclouds in the sky, which leads him to wonder why he heard that sound. Inosuke, irritated by the boy’s desire to heal/help him, responds that he has no idea. Tanjiro asks him if he is coming down from the mountain as the latter tries to cross a small stream. This enrages Inosuke even more, especially since Tanjiro wants him to do it because the former is badly injured, even though Inosuke doesn’t believe him. [1]

Soon after, they notice an extremely pale-skinned girl across the creek, and Tanjiro and Inosuke immediately recognise her as a demon, though Tanjiro couldn’t detect her scent due to the pungent odour. all the way up the mountain Inosuke attacks the girl right away, shouting “Father!” which confuses the demon slayer. A massive figure falls from the sky, nearly crushing Inosuke, and appears as a gargantuan man with dark-pale brown skin, long silver-white hair, and a spider-like face, terrifying the two demon killers. “Stay away from my family!” yells the Spider Demon “Father” to the two Demon Slayers.

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Father Spider Demon delivers a powerful punch to Inosuke, who is unable to avoid it. Tanjiro saves Inosuke by cutting off the Demon’s punching arm with the Water Wheel, Second Form: Water Wheel. The attack, however, did not cut off or move the Spider Demon’s arm. The Spider Demon Father tries to strike Tanjiro with his other arm, but Inosuke stops him. As the two struggle to sever the demon’s arms, he pushes them away with his scream. Tanjiro is astounded that even a Breathing Form cannot cut the demon’s arm off. In that vein, Father Spider Demon rushes up to Tanjiro, yelling at him to stay away from his family. Inosuke screams and leaps onto the demon to fight it, but the spider demon father knocks him off. Inosuke is both shocked and astounded by the sheer power of the demon’s arm sweep. The Spider Demon then charges at Inosuke, who flees along the creek. Tanjiro uses Water Breathing, Second Form: Enhanced, Lateral Water Wheel while running with them to knock down a tree, which falls on the Spider Demon Father.

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What happened shocks and perplexes Inosuke, and Tanjiro asks if he is okay. Tanjiro seizes the opportunity to decapitate Father Spider Demon by using the most powerful form of Water Breathing, releasing Total Focus: Water Breathing, Tenth Form. The Spider Demon Father, however, gets up and lifts the tree trunk that has fallen on him, halting the technique before it even begins. Tanjiro’s two attacks are blocked by the tree trunk, and he flies away from the battlefield, propelled by Father Spider Demon’s momentum.

As Tanjiro flies away, Inosuke screams his name, “Kentaro!” He tells Inosuke not to die as his father walks away. In shock, Inosuke turns around to see the Spider Demon Father dragging him through the forest. Tanjiro continues to fly until he reaches the ground. He uses the Water Wheel, Second Form: Water Wheel to cushion the fall as much as possible, knowing that the fall could seriously injure or even kill him.

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Continuation of the fight

Father Spider Demon’s arm is severed as blood begins to flow from his mouth, and Inosuke falls to the ground. The Demon Father screams in surprise, and it is revealed that Giyu Tomioka quickly incapacitated him. Father Demon regenerates his arm and dashes towards Giyu with incredible speed, but Giyu uses the fourth form of Water Breathing: Striking Tide to quickly dismember the Demon.

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