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Takeo Kamado (竈門かまど 竹たけ雄お Kamado Takeo?) was Tanjiro Kamado’s first younger brother. He was killed by Muzan Kibutsuji.


Takeo had short, spiky black hair, like his older brother Tanjiro and his father. Like the rest of his sibling, Takeo had a pale, fair complexion that contrasted with his dark red eyes, whose pupils were also white. He looked a lot like Tanjiro, except he had a mole under his right eye and he didn’t have a scar on the top of his forehead.

Takeo wore a gray kimono top and a green kimono jacket, along with baggy pants and boots. He also wore a turquoise and black patterned scarf.

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Takeo cared deeply for his family, showing visible dismay at the prospect of Tanjiro suddenly leaving for the city.


Takeo grew up on a mountain alongside his siblings and mother. He is the second eldest son of the Kamado family.


Final Selection Arc

While Tanjiro is in town, Takeo and the rest of his family except for Nezuko Kamado are attacked and killed by Muzan.

After Tanjiro is knocked unconscious by Giyu Tomioka, Takeo, his deceased siblings, and his mother are seen staring at Tanjiro with worried expressions.


Entertainment District Arc

When Tanjiro fights Daki, Takeo is briefly seen in Tanjiro’s memory, where he tells him that he and Nezuko are similar in that they don’t care about themselves while they care a lot about others. . Takeo also worries that Nezuko might lose something precious to her because of this trait.

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Abilities and Powers

Takeo did not display deep abilities before his death.


The scarf that Takeo wears has the same mint plaid pattern as Tanjiro’s haori.