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Susamaru (朱す紗さ丸まる Susamaru?), also known as Demon Temari (手て毬まり鬼おに Temari Oni?) was a Demon who aspired to join the Twelve Kizuki of Muzan Kibutsuji.


Susamaru is a pale-skinned woman with glowing hazel eyes with cat-like slits and white horizontal slats, black hair with orange-colored ends. She has bangs on her forehead and the ends of her hair look like brushes.

Susamaru wears a pair of long silver earrings and an orange kimono to match her hair. She wears a black haori over it but removes them when entering combat, revealing a small belt that covers her chest and upper abdomen.

Although she is normally of medium build, when she fights seriously, her body becomes noticeably more muscular. She can also grow two new pairs of arms.

Susamaru and Yahaba attacking Tamayos house 1


Susamaru is almost always smiling and likes a challenge. Her catchphrase is “How fun it is” and she will repeat it constantly if she is engaged in fights she finds fun. His immaturity is a stark contrast to Yahaba’s seriousness.


Susamaru was a young girl who enjoyed playing handball before being taken in by Muzan. The latter implanted in her the desire to become one of the twelve Kizuki by killing her enemies using her handballs.

Thanks to Muzan’s guidance on this dark path, Susamaru is a carefree demon who desires to satisfy his master while having fun.



Asakusa Arch

Outraged by the appearance of a demon slayer wearing hanafuda-like earrings in Asakusa, Muzan Kibutsuji summons two of his disciples to hunt him down. Susamaru and Yahaba roam the streets of the bustling city in search of a lead to their next target. Yahaba uses his Blood Demon Art to follow in the footsteps of a Demon Slayer carrying a large box. Susamaru walks alongside him bouncing his temari ball.

Yahaba discovers that the demon slayer is accompanied by other people. Excited at the thought of slaughtering them all, Susamaru asks how they should go about destroying them. Yahaba replies that of course they have to execute them out of revenge for Lord Kibutsuji, much to Susamaru’s delight. Susamaru follows his partner to an invisible house hidden behind a false wall.

Susamaru uses his temari to destroy the seal that hides the building. Having reunited with their enemy, Susamaru agrees with Yahaba that they must brutally kill them all. Using Yahaba’s arrows to guide his Husband Balls, Susamaru tears down the house piece by piece. His temari tear the walls, the floor and the roof of the house. After making an opening large enough to see inside the house, Susamaru notices the Demon Slayer with hanafuda-like earrings inside.

Yahaba berates Susamaru for his immature approach and for splattering his kimono with dust. Susamaru ignores him and continues having fun, only replying that Yahaba needs to relax and unleash on the enemy. Yahaba retreats and uses her arrows to guide Susamaru’s temari towards the enemy. The Demon Temari manages to take Yushiro’s head off with a single bullet.

Susamaru tells the Demon Slayer it’s time to die and throws a Husband Ball directly at him. He counters by hitting the ball sideways, which impresses Susamaru. Yushiro’s head regenerates and he curses the demon Temari for ruining his peace with Lady Tamayo. Susamaru pretends he’s stammering and takes off his kimono to grow four extra arms. She tells them all that they should be honored to be killed by one of the twelve Kizuki.

The Temari demon prepares six mari balls and asks his opponents to keep playing until they die. She tears the house apart and injures the two Demons. Yushiro gives Tanjiro a way to see Yahaba’s arrows and he is then able to effectively counter the temari. Susamaru returns her bullets and Tanjiro directly confronts her. She tells him that she will bring Lord Kibutsuji his head for sure. Meanwhile, Tanjiro’s sister Nezuko attacks Yahaba and dispels her arrows.

Without the guidance of Yahaba’s arrows, Susamaru’s balls are left open for counterattack and cut to pieces by the Demon Slayer. Tanjiro uses a fluid dance technique and even manages to slice off all of the Demon Temari’s arms in one go. He swears to Tamayo to extract the blood of the Demons close to Muzan.

Amused, Susamaru asks Tanjiro what he plans to do with their blood. She refuses to let him upset Lord Kibutsuji and challenges him to face the Twelve Kizuki. She instantly regenerates her six arms and reminds Tanjiro that she will take his head. Yahaba returns to the battlefield and hurls Nezuko at her brother. Susamaru tries to kill them both at the same time but they manage to avoid him. Tanjiro deals with Yahaba while the other three deal with the demon Temari.

Yushiro turns invisible using his Blood Demon Art and brings Susamaru to his knees telling him to repent for hurting Lady Tamayo. Yahaba recognizes Tamayo’s name as Tamayo the Fugitive and Susamaru agrees that she makes a good memory. Susamaru goes on the offensive and cuts off Nezuko’s leg before kicking her back into the yard. She asks if four heads will be enough for Kibutsuji but Yahaba claims they only take Tanjiro and Tamayo’s.

Susamaru kicks up a lot of dust by bouncing six of his balls, creating a smokescreen. Yushiro is able to escape the temari despite the dust and attempts to close in on his enemy. The Temari Demon can see him moving through the dust despite his invisibility and throws another bullet straight into his head. He is nearly decapitated again but a healed Nezuko arrives in time to repel the bullet.

The Temari Demon continues its attack, but this time Nezuko is able to deflect the bullets with kicks. Annoyed, Susamaru calls Nezuko a brat and challenges her. They toss the temari back at each other at incredible speed where Nezuko proves she is gaining strength with every second. Nezuko is even able to return the ball so fast and hard that Susamaru can’t even return it.

Impressed, Susamaru decides to lash out at Nezuko but Tamayo interrupts him. She asks Susamaru about Muzan, calling him a coward for turning the Demons against each other and manipulating them. Enraged, Susamaru attempts to defend her master’s honor but accidentally speaks his name out loud. Her brain functions were inhibited by Tamayo’s enchanting blood, which she secretly spilled in the area, forcing Susamaru to tell the truth.

Horrified, Susamaru flees and begs her lord’s forgiveness. However, after calling his name out loud, Kibutsuji’s curse takes hold of Susamaru and three demonic arms erupt from his body. The arms completely crush Susamaru’s body, leaving only his eye and a pool of blood. Tamayo notices that her eye is not marked with a number, meaning she is not one of the Twelve Kizuki.

Tamayo takes a sample of Susamaru’s blood and Tanjiro notices a faint voice asking for a husband ball. Tanjiro returns her husband to her and laments how Muzan manipulated Susamaru into believing she was one of the twelve Kizuki and making her fight to her death. The sun rises and what remains of her is completely disintegrated.



Susamaru possesses incredible physical strength and his fighting style revolves around the use of his signature Temari. His Blood Demon Art grants him the ability to summon extremely dense balls of Temari at will. It is especially effective when used in conjunction with Yahaba’s arrows. Together they were able to bring Tamayo out of hiding and destroy her.

supernatural abilities

Flesh Manipulation : Like all demons, Susamaru possesses the ability to manipulate his flesh. Susamaru uses this ability to grow 4 extra arms, allowing him to conjure more handballs, increasing his offensive power.

blood demon art

Hiasobi Temari (火ひ遊あそび手て毬まり Hiasobi Temari?): Susamaru’s Blood Demon Art allows him to conjure Temari handball balls at will. She can throw or kick them with such intense speed and power that she can completely annihilate any limb with a single blow.

fighting style

Handball Skill : Susamaru has shown to be extremely skilled at wielding Temari handballs, and is able to fight on par with Nezuko and Tanjiro.

susamaru anime


Asakusa Arch

  • Tanjiro Kamado, Nezuko Kamado, Tamayo, and Yushiro vs. Susamaru and Yahaba


  • Susamaru was ranked 30th in the first character popularity poll with 53 votes.


  • (To Tanjiro Kamado) “You should be honored to be killed by me, one of the Twelve Kizuki!” »