The spider demon (mother) (蜘く蛛も鬼おに「母はは」 Kumo oni: Haha?) was a member of the spider family.

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The Mother Spider Demon was a relatively small and voluptuous woman in her thirties (or her demonic equivalent), similar in appearance to her “son”, Rui, with the same milky white skin, eyelashes and teal fingernails, and red, circular facial markings. Additionally, she had bushy eyebrows and long white hair parted in the middle of her face and tied by teal orbs into two thick locks.

The Spider Demon Mother wore a long, multi-layered kimono – brown on the inside and white on the outside – which exposed part of her chest and was fastened with a patterned obi. She also wears a pearl necklace made of teal and purple orbs and decorative anklets. She is also barefoot and has black nail polish on her toenails; the bottom of the kimono is open, exposing her long legs.

However, it was revealed that this was not the demon’s true appearance, his body having been altered to resemble Rui’s. Her original appearance was completely different from the one she had transformed, with a much smaller and childlike body compared to her new, more voluptuous figure. Her skin was marked with two brown lines on each of her cheeks, and her eyes were rounder with yellow irises and X-shaped pupils. She also wore short black clothes and sunglasses. She also wore her black hair short, parted to the side, with bangs framing her face and two low pigtails.

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Like most demons, the Mother Spider Demon is cruel, callous, and murderous towards humans. After spending a lot of time with Rui, she began to fear him and the Spider Demon Father who abused her for being weaker than expected. These abuses were severe enough that she agreed to die rather than continue living knowing that Rui and the Demon Father would continue to abuse her. In her final moments, she seems to have regained some of her feelings and memories as a human and seems to have been genuinely touched by Tanjiro’s kindness; she therefore helps him by warning him that a Twelve Demonic Moon was on the mountain and wishes him good luck in dying.

It was later revealed that, compared to the rest of her “family”, she was technically the youngest demon in the family (apparently, the equivalent of a pre-teen in demon terms) and was still dealing with her old human feelings and memories, which made her cry and grieve repeatedly when she remembered them. This is why Rui severely berated her for her inability to be a good “mother” to her “kids”, who were all technically older than her.


Not much is known of Mother Spider Demon’s past as a human, but she was loved and cherished by someone[1], a young woman wearing a brown haori and black hair styled in a low cut with a ponytail. In her final moments, she seems to have remembered parts of her life as a human child, including being loved and cherished by this person.

After becoming a Demon and losing their loved one (implying that they died in a rather bloody fashion), she moved to Mount Natagumo. Later, Rui came to Mount Natagumo, convinced her to join him, and then forced her and her future family to transform to look like him and become his fake family. She took on the role of mother of this family herself, but since she was a demon child, she was unfit for this role and was scolded and abused by Rui and the Spider Demon (Father).

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Natagumo Mountain Arch

Rui entrusts his “Mother” with the role of protecting Natagumo Mountain and his “family” from the Demon Slayer Corps. She sits on a huge rock in the middle of a clearing, and from there she uses her spider webs to take control of the demon slayers that enter the territory and make them her own dolls. She uses some of the Demon Slayers she has taken under her control to kill the others, having fun toying with them.

Tanjiro and his friends enter the mountain in order to defeat her and her family. They are greeted by her dolls, who are dead demon slayers. However, his dolls are easily defeated and Inosuke senses his position.

As they get closer to her, Mother’s sons grow tougher and her “dolls” (still-living demon slayers) stronger. She is then confronted by Rui, who asks her if she can win and tells her that she is taking so long. She panics because, despite the supposed “mother-son” relationship they have, she knows full well that there is a huge power gap between her and Rui. Rui then threatens to tell Father Spider Demon about the situation if she doesn’t quickly kill the remaining Demon Slayers, causing the Mother to panic.

Now in a state of panic, the Mother Spider Demon uses the living but most badly injured Demon Slayers in order to fight to inflict psychological damage on the duo and she also begins to push the physical power of the controlled Demon Slayers to the max, subduing them. to immense pain due to physical exertion. She then manipulates them, and in particular a young woman named Ozaki, along with her sons, into attacking the duo; while doing so, Ozaki tearfully shouts at Tanjiro all the information she remembers about his and the others’ situation, while begging him to leave and find help.

Tanjiro, not wanting to kill Ozaki and his comrades, finds a way to immobilize them without killing them. Using his threads, Tanjiro picks up and throws the controlled Demon Slayers towards the trees where the threads controlling them become tangled in the branches, preventing him from moving them further. Deeming them all useless to her, the Spider Demon Mother snaps the necks of all the captured Demon Slayers (including the hapless Ozaki) and resorts to her strongest puppet as she enters a state of panic again. higher In the midst of a state of borderline hysteria, she releases and reveals her strongest puppet which turns out to be a headless corpse of a fellow demon she has somehow collected, which she then throws into the battle against Inosuke and Tanjiro. When the duo sees him, they are amazed that he has no neck. They start attacking him but their attacks are ineffective against him. They then use a combined attack which manages to defeat him.

Right after, Inosuke launches Tanjiro into the sky towards the location of the Mother Spider Demon. As she fears being defeated and punished by her “family”, the Spider Demon Mother notices Tanjiro diving towards her from the sky. Trying to find a solution to survive, she realizes that if she simply dies, she will finally be at peace and will no longer have to suffer the wrath and ridicule of her “family”. . .

Having already given up all forms of resistance and the will to continue fighting, Mother Spider Demon raises her arms in the air waiting to die from Tanjiro’s attack. Tanjiro, realizing she has no intention of fighting anymore, finishes it off with Water Breathing: Fifth Form – Blessed Rain after Drought instead of First Form: Water Surface Slash as originally intended. He preferred to use a “Sword of Kindness” which decapitates the target with little or no pain and is used when the enemy surrenders of their own free will to grant them a merciful death.

After being beheaded, the Mother Spider Demon is shocked at how peaceful and painless her death is. She is even more surprised and touched by Tanjiro’s eyes, which have no malice, hatred, or contempt. Instead, she sees only pure kindness and pity. As she passes away, she recalls all the painful memories and mean looks her “family” gives her and vaguely recalls her past as a human, remembering being loved and cherished by someone and, as she slowly disintegrates into black smoke, she faintly wonders where that person is now. In return for Tanjiro’s kindness, she weakly warns him that one of the twelve Kizuki is in the mountain and wishes him luck before dying.

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supernatural abilities

Shapeshifting: The Mother Spider Demon has shown advanced skills in shapeshifting, as she was able to change and alter her skin color, hair length and color, facial structure, markings. demonic, eye color, and physical characteristics to match and resemble Rui’s own physical characteristics and maintain those changes for long periods of time. However, likely due to her young age as a demon, she sometimes accidentally reverted to her true form – much to Rui’s annoyance, who punished her harshly.

Spider Physiology : Like the rest of her “family”, the Spider Demon Mother has spider-like traits and abilities.

  • Rope Manipulation : Like the other members of her “family”, the Spider Demon Mother focuses her primary form of attack on spider threads/ropes created from her flesh and cells. She materializes these ropes with her fingertips and can extend the reach of the ropes to cover an entire mountain.
  • puppets: The Mother Spider Demon uses her ropes in a unique way by using them to manipulate corpses like puppets. To do this, she attaches her strings to her victims and transforms them into virtual puppets which she then uses to fight her opponents from a distance. She can even use these strings to bring out the full physical power of the puppet she controls, but at the cost of great physical pain to her puppets. This ability also allows her to control Demon corpses, as she managed to acquire and preserve a Demon’s corpse and prevent it from disintegrating into black smoke for use in combat. The closer the strings connected to her, the more power she can wield over the puppets she manipulates.

Spider Manipulation : The Spider Demon Mother can create and command small white spiders with red dots similar to her physical traits and those of her “kin” to stealthily attach her threads to her victims without them noticing. account. These spiders also have similar characteristics to demons, as they burn when stabbed/sliced ​​by a Nichirin blade.


Natagumo Mountain Arch

  • Tanjiro Kamado and Inosuke Hashibira vs. Spider Demon (Mother)


  • Mother Spider Demon was ranked 34th in the first character popularity poll, with 32 votes.


  • (To herself about Tanjiro Kamado) “Those eyes…. Such kind eyes… When I was human, I think someone looked at me with kind eyes. I wonder who it was. I can’t remember. He was someone who always pampered me. I wonder how that person is doing now. »