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Sound Breathing

Sound Breathing (音おとの呼こ吸きゅう Oto no kokyū?) is a breathing style derived from Thunder Breathing.


Sound Breathing is a style of breathing that mimics sound, especially its disorienting loudness, and replicates it with the user’s movements, techniques, and abilities. Most, if not all, known techniques and forms use an object that creates massive amounts of sound and uses it as a powerful attack and effective confusion to get in close, as well as extremely fast movements similar at the speed of sound propagation, while appealing to the user’s sense of hearing. Users who have mastered Sound Breathing see themselves as creating and manipulating sound when using its techniques.

The only known user, Tengen Uzui, uses a combat strategy called “Scoring”, which involves Tengen using his incredible hearing to read his opponents’ movements and deconstruct them into sound by analyzing the rhythm of their movements. Thanks to this, he is able to take advantage of their openings to much greater effect by hitting in a manner similar to the rhythm of a song. His fighting style involves generating massive amounts of sound to overwhelm his opponents. In parallel, he uses small, but powerful anti-demon bombs made with a special powder capable of briefly overpowering a higher-ranking demon and uses his sonic abilities to ensure there is no collateral damage. on humans when he throws them out of his line of sight.

Since this fighting style can only be used by the Tengen, it can only be used with a specific set of weapons, namely two larger than normal Nichirin Katanas, which each have a notch in the pointed ends of their blades and are held together at the hilt by a metal chain. His swords are said to have great explosive power, and it is said that until Tengen’s fight against Upper-Rank Six, no one had ever survived a blow from them.

Known users

  • Tengen Uzui

Known techniques

Sound Breathing has at least 5 techniques and forms, with 3 known techniques.

  • First Form: Roar (壱いちノ型かた 轟とどろき Ichi no kata: Todoroki?) – The user raises their twin swords above their head and brings them down with great force while simultaneously creating an explosion with their bombs to inflict massive physical damage, causing a loud thunder-like sound.
  • Fourth Form: Constant Resonance Slashes (肆しノ型かた 響きょう斬ざん無む間けん Shi no kata: Kyōzan Muken?) – The user spreads their swords and spins them rapidly as they release their bombs, creating massive explosions while defending against attacks.
  • Fifth Form: Chain Performance (伍ごノ型かた 鳴めい弦げん奏そう々そう Go no kata: Meigen Sōsō?)- The user holds one of their swords with a reverse grip and spins the other in using the chain that connects them. They couple this by also releasing numerous bombs to detonate, causing large explosions that deal massive physical damage.


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