Slasher (切きり裂さき Kirisaki?) is the nickname given to a demon that appeared during the investigation of the Mugen Train and responsible for several human attacks. He was defeated by Kyojuro Rengoku .



Slasher has the form of a fairly muscular, middle-aged, balding man with a lime-green iris, black sclera, and vertical slits for the pupils, as well as sharp, sharp dark blue nails and several prominent fangs in the mouth. Slasher’s entire body is covered in dark blue tattoos, in various places on his face, limbs, and torso. These tattoos light up and glow a lighter blue when he uses his Blood Demon Art. He also wears a sleeveless blue shirt and black leggings complete with tabi socks and a pair of blue strappy zōri. Slasher is usually seen with a manic expression on his face.



Like most of his fellows, Slasher is a ruthless demon who only seems to care about murdering and eating humans. He is also shown to have a sadistic and malevolent nature, flippantly mentioning that he slashed a woman until he was bored and sinking his claws into a young boy. He is similarly shown to be quite arrogant at times, looking down on the Flame Hashira, Kyojuro Rengoku and bragging about his speed in front of him, as well as challenging him to a duel twice. However, Slasher is additionally able to use underhanded tactics like hostage taking to win against the Demon Slayers.

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Slasher is also quite mean-spirited, trying to find any way to provoke Kyojuro and growing increasingly frustrated and aggressive as the young man holds his ground, retaliates, and even stops his killings.


Mugen Train Arc

Slasher has started terrorizing a village in search of prey. He found a young woman wandering around at night but thought she didn’t seem worth eating. Instead, he decided to slash her body horribly until he grew weary and left her to die. The following night, he boards a train but finds it empty except for one unfortunate conductor. He quickly kills him but does not find him worthy of being devoured too and leaves his body abandoned. The news of his actions scared the village and people were afraid to leave their homes after dark, which led to the closure of businesses usually active at night. The Demon Slayer Corps then sent Kyojuro Rengoku to investigate.

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Slasher stumbles across a train maintenance facility looking for prey. Unbeknownst to him, the facility is home to the Mugen train, which is believed to contain a demon likely responsible for the many reported disappearances. He finds a young worker and seizes him in his claws. The scene catches the attention of Kyojuro, who is investigating the Mugen Train, and Slasher is confronted by the Hashira. As he confronts her, he suddenly whines, before stepping on a bento box, claiming that human food is disgusting to him now that he is a demon. He taunts Kyojuro into attacking him, using his Blood Demon Art to rush around the Hashira and goad him into attacking, warning him that the young boy will be dead if he directly attempts to attack.Kyojuro acknowledges his speed but tells him not to be too sure of himself. Slasher mentions that he injured a woman the night before but Kyojuro tells him that she will fully recover. Angry, he notices the stepped bento box and Kyojuro ‘s angry expression , before realizing the box is probably from a nearby station. Deciding to kill the vendors to spite Kyojuro, he first attempts to kill the boy he is holding but has both of his hands cut off. He retreats and walks out of the establishment to regrow both hands, before smelling the bento vendors in the air and following the tracks, using his blood demon art to cross the great distance by a few minutes.

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He arrives at the station and walks in, seeing the girl setting up her bento stand. As she staggers in fear of seeing him, Slasher steps forward to kill her but is hit by a bento box from behind, thrown by his grandmother. Momentarily distracted by the smell, he soon catches up to her outside and attempts to crush her throat. Kyojuro foils her attack and slices her left Achilles tendon, thus saving her. Slasher decides to kill his grandmother instead but is confronted by Kyojuro. Wondering out loud how he was able to catch up with him so quickly, Kyojuro repeats to him that he shouldn’t be too proud of him. Slasher decides to have a contest between the two to see who is faster, if Kyojurocan kill him before he kills the girl’s grandmother. At this, Kyojuro mocks him for being slow and decapitates Slasher before he can react, ending his short streak of terror.


General Abilities: Slasher was a decently powerful demon, as evidenced by developing a blood demon art and demonstrating his skill in using it in combat. He’s also proven to be slightly difficult to deal with, even for a Hashira, though this is largely due to his penchant for using human shields. In direct combat, Slasher is no match for a Hashira.


Regeneration: Like all demons, Slasher has enhanced regeneration. He was able to regrow both of his hands within moments of severing them, and heal his severed Achilles heel just as quickly.

Bloodthirsty Demon Art

Speed ​​Enhancement: Slasher’s Blood Demon Art allows him to greatly increase his own speed, allowing him to travel great distances in a short time. This technique is activated when his dark blue tattoo glows. The speed at which he moves is such that his entire silhouette is covered in blue light.

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