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Shinobu Kocho vs. Doma

Shinobu Kocho and Doma squared off at Infinity Castle. The story revolves around the battle between the insect Hashira Shinobu Kocho and the top rank 2 Doma.

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Inside Nakime’s Infinity Castle, Doma notices Shinobu entering his room while consuming a group of his female disciples. He expresses his gratitude to Nakime for bringing him yet another meal. Shinobu is begged to save one of his remaining disciples. Enraged, Doma attempts to murder her, but Shinobu intervenes and saves her. She asks the young woman if she’s all right, but she explodes and dies right in front of her, before she can respond to Shinobu’s question.

Enraged by Doma’s insistence that he saved the girl by killing her, Shinobu notices a pair of sharp fans that Doma uses as his main weapon and angrily asks him if he remembers her older sister’s haori. Doma eventually remembers Kanae’s butterfly wing pattern haori and jokingly expresses his disappointment at not being able to eat Kanae because of the rising sun, infuriating Shinobu even more.


Hashira the Insect attacks him quickly, stabbing Doma in the right eyeball with her insect breath, Bee Stinger Dance: True Flutter, impressing him because he claims he couldn’t block it in time with his hand. He then uses his Blood Demon Art: Frozen Lotus on Shinobu, who dodges the attack by backing up.

He dismisses her at first because he correctly predicts that she lacks the physical strength to cut off a Demon’s head, but once he realizes that Shinobu’s true strength is poisoning his opponents, he becomes enthused. Shinobu hopes the poison will be strong enough to kill him, but she is disappointed to learn that Doma already knew about her poison from her battle with the Spider Family’s Daughter Spider Demon. Doma snaps and renders her poison ineffective, allowing him to recover from her assault. Doma quickly develops antibodies and adapts his body to her poison, becoming fully resistant after only five slashes and injections.

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Shinobu also punches him with his Insect Breathing, Dance of the Dragonfly: Hexagon Eye Compound to avoid injecting a large dose of the compound that would kill him in a six-hit attack. At the same time, he attacks her, slicing through her collarbone and ribs, as well as puncturing one of her lungs. Shinobu, nearing the end of his rope and losing all hope of victory, seeks solace from his big sister’s words of encouragement.

Shinobu then prepares to strike Doma again, despite her severe injuries and excruciating pain, and confuses him by attacking him with his insect breath, Centipede Dance: Hundred Legged Zigzag. Doma’s neck is punched, impaling him and propelling him to the ceiling. Shinobu triumphs despite her exhaustion and injuries when she sees Doma poisoned and dying as a result of her attack.

Doma, on the other hand, recovers from her attack almost instantly, enraging Shinobu even more.

As they fall from the ceiling, exhausted, mortally wounded, and dangerously close to death, Shinobu is caught by Doma. He embraces her and mocks her, declaring her entire attempt to defeat him futile, assuring her that she will live in peace as a part of him, and mockingly asking for her final words. She curses him as he begins to murder her. .Yaiba .full .2746451 1

The aftermath of the fight

She is absorbed by the Higher Rank just as her disciple Kanao Tsuyuri arrives on the scene, but she manages to wave her hand at her Tsuguko before passing away. In an attempt to save her, Kanao goes berserk, but is rebuffed by an enraged Doma, who warns him not to interfere while he absorbs someone. He absorbed Shinobu’s entire body, leaving only her butterfly-like hairpiece.

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