Information about Shinobu Kocho

The current Hashira insect. She’s pretty calm and always has a smile on her face no matter what situation she’s put in. She likes to tease others, especially she likes to annoy Giyū Tomioka , about how nobody likes her. Behind her cheerful facade, she harbors a deep rage towards all the demons that have taken the lives of many of her loved ones, including her older sister, Nezuko being an exception after learning more about her. Unlike the other Hashira, she does not fight with breathing techniques, instead using a small, thin sword with only a sharp edge on the tip to kill demons by inoculating them with a wisteria-based poison she developed. Shinobu sacrifices himself to defeat the High Moon Domain, consuming massive doses of wisteria before allowing it to absorb his body to poison him, only to be avenged by Kanao and Inosuke . Before she dies, she also helps Tamayo develop the cure for Nezuko’s Demonic Disease and a mixture of poisons used on Muzan to greatly weaken him.

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Story of Shinobu Kocho

Shinobu is the youngest daughter of the Kocho family, living alongside her mother, father, and older sister Kanae. She was raised in a loving and caring home until her parents were slaughtered by demons before her and her sister’s eyes.

Just as the demon was about to attack them, she and her sister were saved by the pillar, Himejima Gyoumei, who killed the demon. Determined by the pain and suffering they endured, Shinobu and Kanae both vowed to become Demon Slayers to protect each other and prevent other people from suffering the same losses they had to suffer.

Later in her life, when she accompanied her sister Kanae on a trip. The sisters met a young girl who was taken as a slave to a bridge. Intrigued by her, Kanae took an interest in her and decided to take the girl back to the Butterfly Estate, against Shinobu’s initial wishes. They eventually bought the girl, named Tsuyuri, from her master and trained her within the butterfly estate to become the next tsuguko.

Personality of Shinobu Kocho

Shinobu is pretty laid back, always having a smile on her face no matter what situation she finds herself in. She seems to enjoy teasing others and can be rather sadistic about it, particularly enjoying picking on Giyu Tomioka. Despite her relaxed appearance and her initial desire to get along with the demons, she can be shown to be quite cruel towards them, as seen when she kills the Spider Demon’s older sister after giving her false hopes of death. help and also tried to kill Nezuko Kamado without hesitation. Later, she shows more compassion towards Tanjiro Kamado and his sister after hearing their whole story.

It is later revealed that his apparent calm and tranquility are worn as a mask, as Shinobu holds an intense hatred for Demons due to the loss of his sister, Kanae Kocho, at a young age, as well as the death of his parents, most of his Tsuguko, and the families of his apprentices at the Butterfly House. This hatred is so strong that she finds herself in an almost permanent state of anger, which Tanjiro Kamado feels when the two individuals have a conversation. Her desire for revenge renders her unable to live the normal life her sister had wished for her, instead devoting all her energy to defeating the Demons.

During her battle against Doma, Shinobu reveals that she also suffers from an inferiority complex due to her inferior physical abilities compared to her companion Hashira, having been jealous of them for possessing taller or more muscular bodies. than her and cursing her people for not developing more in order to make her more effective in combat.

Young Shinobu had a more outspoken and direct demeanor, as seen when she and her sister rescued Kanao Tsuyuri , that she had a negative attitude towards education. After Kanae’s death, however, Shinobu began acting like his sister outwardly and eventually developed her smile and attitude to match while inwardly retaining his rage.

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Shinobu Kocho Abilities and Powers

As the Hashira of the Demon Slayer Corps, Shinobu is a very powerful swordsman. Although he doesn’t possess the physical strength to chop off a demon’s head like an average demon slayer would, or even the superhuman abilities of his companions, Shinobu is nonetheless just as dangerous and deadly as the rest.

Shinobu Kocho’s Natural Abilities

Master Swordsman: As the Hashira of the Demon Slayer Corps, Shinobu is one of the most powerful and skilled swordsmen in the entire organization.

Medical Expertise: Although not as skilled in combat as the rest of her comrades, Shinobu displays immense skill and proficiency in the medical and pharmaceutical fields to compensate for her lack of natural combat aptitude, being very knowledgeable on how to create various poisons and venoms using wisteria flowers. She is able to kill her opponents in seconds, and even manages to create a poison powerful enough to drastically weaken Doma, the second most powerful demon of the Twelve Kizuki. She has the skills to slowly saturate her body with poison without harming her own health, as well as the medical skills to counteract the venoms and poisons created by Demons.

Anti-Kibutsuji Drug: By teaming up with Tamayo and Yushiro, Shinobu was able to help Tamayo create a proven four-step drug that will be used to significantly weaken Muzan Kibutsuji, despite his immense physical strength and his capacities. The first stage, though failed on Muzan, is able to turn a Demon into a human.

Aging Stage: The aging stage is the second stage of the medicine and an idea proposed by Shinobu herself. This stage aged its user at a rate of fifty years in one minute, which in Muzan’s case successfully aged him 9,000 years in three hours. The side effects of this aging process caused Muzan to slow down enough for the Demon Slayers to continuously fight him.

Human Conversion Stage: After working with Tamayo, Shinobu helped her create the Demon-to-Human Conversion Drug, a feat considered impossible. Both Muzan and Nezuko received the drug, but Muzan was able to break it down and render it ineffective. However, Nezuko was able to return to her human form and regain her memories after receiving the drug.

Immense Speed: Shinobu has shown near superhuman levels of speed, being fast enough to easily evade and outrun the Demons, catching them off guard. Top Rank 2 Doma said she might be the fastest Hashira he’s ever met.

Enhanced Strength: Although she is the smallest member of the Demon Slayer Corps and therefore has the weakest punching power due to her small arms, Shinobu exhibits great pushing and punching strength, as the other Hashira notes that a single thrust of his sword could easily slash a rock in half. His thrust speed is also the fastest of all Hashira.

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The art of the sword

A Unique Weapon: Shinobu uses a heavily modified katana made by Tecchin Tecchikawahara as his primary weapon. It is identical to any other katana, from the hilt to slightly above the hilt, but above that the weapon loses its blade and is replaced by a wand. It ends in a needle-like tip, resembling an insect stinger in appearance and function. The “stinger” is designed to inject wisteria poisons into demons, as Shinobu uses his medical expertise to overcome his relative lack of strength and inability to cut off heads. She also modified the weapon’s sheath, using it as a portable poison mixer and loader. She is one of five Hashira to carry a unique weapon, the others being Tengen Uzui, Mitsuri Kanroji, Obanai Iguro, and Gyomei Himejima.

Insect Respiration: Insect respiration is derived from flower respiration, which itself is derived from water respiration. Although Shinobu was the only one of the Hashira unable to decapitate Demons, she is still as deadly as them. Using this unique breath, she coats her weapon with poison made from the wisteria flower and alters the mix and composition of the poisons inside its scabbard.

The Butterfly Dance: Caprice – Shinobu leaps forward towards the opponent and stabs them multiple times with his blade to inject his poison.

Bee Sting Dance: True Flapping Wings – Shinobu rushes at his target with incredible speed and uses the momentum of his speed to then boost his unique thrust at his opponent and inject him with deadly poison.

Dragonfly’s Dance: Hex of Compound Eyes – A six-hit attack where Shinobu aims to strike and inject his target with multiple doses of poison at the target Demon’s weak points (such as neck, heart, torso, etc.) in order to kill them with a heavy dose of poison.

Centipede Dance: Centipede Zigzag – An attack where Shinobu uses all of his speed to perform a zigzag pattern to confuse his opponent and create an opening for him to directly stab his opponent’s neck and inject poison to kill him, the strength and power of the stab being further increased by the momentum of his speed. Doma noted that the sheer speed of this technique is strong enough to destroy an entire wooden bridge.

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body modification

Poisoned Body: In order to defeat Upper Rank 2, Doma, Shinobu heavily modified his body by absorbing and altering his body’s physiology with a highly concentrated glycine-based poison over a period of one year. She managed to saturate her body with this undetectable poison which completely fused with the cellular structures of her body, including those of her blood and internal organs, right down to her fingernails. With Shinobu’s height and weight, his body is equivalent to 37 kg of poison, about seven hundred times more than the lethal amount needed to kill an average demon, the poison being strong enough to melt Doma, the second highest rank, down to his bones.