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Shigeru Kamado (竈門かまど 茂しげる Kamado Shigeru?) is Tanjiro Kamado’s second younger brother. He was killed by Muzan Kibutsuji.


Shigeru is a young boy with a fair complexion and dark red eyes with white pupils, like the rest of his family. Her black hair is cropped short.

Shigeru wears a light green and black patterned kimono with a light green kimono jacket over it.

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Shigeru seems to be very fond of his brother, Tanjiro Kamado, and wants to follow him wherever he goes and do whatever he does. Like his siblings, he is upset when Tanjiro and his mother tell him that he can’t go to town with him.


Shigeru grew up on a mountain alongside his siblings and mother. He is the second youngest son of the Kamado family.

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Final Selection Arc

Shigeru and his sister, Hanako Kamado, want to follow Tanjiro to town to sell charcoal with him. However, their mother stops them and says that they would only slow Tanjiro down.

While Tanjiro is in town, Shigeru and the rest of his family except for Nezuko are attacked and killed by Muzan.

After Tanjiro is knocked unconscious by Giyu Tomioka, Shigeru and his deceased siblings, along with their mother, are seen staring at Tanjiro with worried expressions.

When Tanjiro is attacked by the Hand Demon and falls unconscious during Final Selection, Shigeru enters Tanjiro’s thoughts to help him regain consciousness and avoid being killed.