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About Sabito

One of Urokodaki’s disciples. He died during an exam to join the Demon Slayer Corps while trying to save other students who weren’t as strong as him, Giyu being one of them. He was particularly talented and strong. Her spirit advises Tanjiro during his training. He and Makomo were killed by the Hand Demon which was captured by Urokodaki.

Sabito’s story

Sabito was an orphan taken in by Urokodaki, who trained him to become a demon slayer alongside Giyuu Tomioka. During the final selection, he saved several participants, including an injured Giyuu. However, before the final selection ended, he was confronted by a vengeance demon who was trapped on Mt Fujikasane by Urokodaki. As he fought the demon, his blade shattered on the demon’s armored neck, and he was tragically killed like most of Urokodaki’s students.

Sakonji took in Sabito and Makomo after they were both orphaned, training them until they grew strong enough to enter the final selection to potentially become Demon Slayers.

During his seven days on Mount Fujikasane, Sabito, after defeating many demons and saving many other slayers, encountered a powerful Morphan Demon who desired to devour all of Sakonji’s students. In an attempt to kill him, Sabito’s blade breaks on the Demon’s thick neck, and he dies at the Demon’s hands. Sabito is the only one who failed to pass the final selection of his year.

Makomo and Sabito’s souls return to Sagiri Mountain, as they cannot rest due to their failure and Sakonji’s grief. Although, as Makomo was adopted and died some time before Sabito, they didn’t meet in person until after his death.


Appearance of Sabito

Sabito was a fair-skinned young man, with a large scar running from the right corner of his mouth to his right ear, and gentle cat eyes of a lavender gray color, a horizontal bar of a much paler purple being visible across them near the bottom. He had thick, spiky, peach-colored hair of varying lengths, the longest reaching his shoulders, which he wore messy with side-parted micro bangs to the left of his forehead.

Sabito wore a green yukata, with a yellow and dark green hexagonal geometric pattern, tied at the waist with a piece of black cloth, under which he wore hakama pants and over which was a plain white haori. Around his calves, he wore two pieces of fabric, which had the same design as his yukata, in which his pants were tucked in, as well as black socks and a pair of Japanese sandals on his feet. As with the rest of Sakonji Urokodaki’s apprentices, Sabito’s white mask, hand-carved by his master himself, was shaped like a fox’s face, his own decorated with a large scar in the same place as that of his face. The eyes and nose of the mask were dark green, while the ears were more of a gray red,

Personality of Sabito

Sabito (as a spirit) is seen as a ruthless mentor, acting unnecessarily harsh towards Tanjirou during his training for Final Selection. However, after Tanjirou manages to split the rock, Sabito can be seen smiling proudly at his accomplishment. According to Giyu, Sabito was a very kind boy with a strong sense of justice when he was still alive (at the time, Giyu was 13 years old) and it can be inferred that Sabito was a selfless person as shown in the flash. -back when it was revealed that he saved everyone during the final selection.

Sabito was a serious young man who believed that all his actions should become a man. He was considered a ruthless mentor during his training period of Tanjiro Kamado, who was always quick to point out his flaws and refused to acknowledge him as a man. When asked about how to defeat the Hand Demon, Sabito seems to have a pessimistic view of conflict, saying he believes that no matter how hard someone tries, they will never be enough to bring down the beast.

Despite this, Sabito entrusted his will to Tanjiro and was happy to surpass him as Sakonji’s top student, openly acknowledging that Tanjiro was the toughest of them all and proudly leaving him the will of all of Sakonji’s lost children.

According to Giyu, Sabito was a very kind boy with a strong sense of justice when he was still alive. It is implied that Sabito was a selfless person, as shown in Giyu’s flashback, when it is revealed that he saved all of his group members from the Hand Demon during his final selection, getting thus sacrificing

Sabito takes Tanjiro seriously

Sabito Abilities and Powers

Although not much is known of his prowess as a demon hunter candidate, he was skilled enough to avoid the deaths of all the other candidates in his final selection. And he was most likely a follower of the water breathing style, as he was trained by Urokodaki.

The art of the sword

Sabito was a very skilled swordsman, as seen during his Final Selection Exam, where he was able to single-handedly kill nearly all of the Wisteria Mountain Demons and save all of the other contestants, a feat that even Tanjiro couldn’t accomplish while he was busy protecting himself. Throughout Tanjiro’s training, Sabito was also able to defeat him several times while wielding a wooden sword, even though Tanjiro was using a real blade, and in their first fight, Sabito displayed a speed, agility, and enhanced reflexes that easily surpassed those of Tanjiro at the time. It took six months of training for Tanjiro before he could defeat Sabito

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Sabito possessed both a wooden sword and a real sword. He was very proficient with the wooden sword against Tanjiro, even though the latter wielded a real blade

The style of breathing

Breath of Water: Sabito was adept at the “Breath of Water” style, which he used to single-handedly kill all of the demons inhabiting Wisteria Mountain during his final selection exam

Early form of water breathing

Surface slice

A single concentrated gash.

Breathing water in a second form

water wheel

The swordsman jumps and spins his body slashing.

Third Form of Water Breathing

The Swift Current Dance

The swordsman swings his blade at his opponent in a way that mimics the movement of waves on the surface of the water.

Fourth Form of Water Breathing

rising tide

The swordsman makes multiple consecutive slashes while twisting his body in a fluid manner, like a strong tide.

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The fifth form of water breathing

The beneficial rain of a dry dah

A “sword of kindness” that kills the target with little or no pain. This style is used when the enemy surrenders.

Sixth Form Water Breathing


The swordsman twists his upper and lower body fiercely, creating a whirlwind that cuts through anything caught in it.

Seventh Form Water Breathing

piercing water drop

A quick and precise stab. The fastest Water Breath technique.

Eighth Form of Water Breathing

Waterfall Jar

The swordsman cuts the target vertically

Water Breathing: Ninth Form

Water splash

Minimizes landing time and area required for landing, allowing the user to move without limits. Ideal for fights in a place where there is no solid foothold.

water breath tenth form

The dragon of change

A continuous attack that increases in power with each rotation, creating a strong slash.