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About Mukago

She holds the position of the fourth lower moon and is killed by Muzan when he decides to purge the lower moons, as Muzan deduced that she was more afraid of demon slayers than him and interpreted her attempt to save face as a contradiction.

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Mukago Appearance

Mukago was a little girl with yellowish, sickly skin, two dark red bands on her cheeks and a pair of white horns that protruded from either side of her forehead. His eyes were gray with white rings on the sides, their sclera were dark red, and the kanji for “lower fourth moon” was engraved on his left iris, and were framed by a series of particularly long eyelashes. She also had white hair down to her chin, with shorter bangs between the horns.

Mukago wore a plain red kimono, the collar of which was trimmed with black and white fur, tied in the back with a large dark purple bow.

Personality of Mukago

Of all the Low Moons, Mukago was shown to be the most cowardly, as stated by Muzan Kibutsuji while reading his thoughts. Mukago had no intention of fighting the Pillars of the Demon Slayer Corps and planned to run away and run away at the mere whisper of a Pillar, as has been noted many times. When Muzan learned this from reading his thoughts, Mukago attempted to soothe and beg him.

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Mukago Abilities and Powers

Being one of the twelve Moon Demons, Mukago received a greater amount of blood from Muzan Kibutsuji than a regular Demon, which allows him to possess incredible amounts of power. This strength easily surpasses that of other Demons and grants him the ability to command lower ranks at will.

  • Increased durability
  • Strengthened Strength
  • Enhanced Regeneration
  • demon blood
  • Beast Assimilation

Mukago can turn any animal into a demon after injecting it with his blood. Like demons, they can be killed by nichirin blades and the sun, and gain abilities based on how many humans they consume. Mukago has a pack of wolves with an alpha capable of commanding them like Mukago. She also has a demon slayer crow that she killed (3 and counting slowly)

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Blood Demon Technique

Copies of living clones

By ripping off his fingers and throwing them in the air, Mukago can create a group of clones that look like him. Generally used to escape from situations, often in contact with slayers.