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Muichiro Tokito vs. Gyokko

Muichiro Tokito vs Gyokko is a fight between Mist Hashira Muichiro Tokito and Upper Rank Five, Gyokko, that takes place in the village of swordsmen.


Muichiro notices a Demon attacking Kotetsu. He considers rescuing him, but then recalls Tanjiro Kamado’s words and beheads the Demon, ordering Kotetsu to flee. Muichiro’s memories of being nursed back to health by the Ubuyashiki family come flooding back as Kotetsu expresses his gratitude and apologises for his earlier contempt towards him.

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Muichiro is led to Kozo Kanamori by Kotetsu. When Muichiro detects Superior Rank 5 Gyokko approaching the shed to acquire the new blade, he pulls Kozo back. Muichiro strikes him, but Gyokko moves to different pots to avoid his blows. He summons additional Fish Demons, who hurl needles at Kozo and Kotetsu, but Muichiro shields them and tells them to get out of the way. Gyokko informs Muichiro that the needles are poisoned and chastises him, which triggers another flashback. He tries to assault Gyokko, but he is stuck in his Blood Demon Art: Water Prison Pot, so he uses Mist Breathing to try to escape. First Form: Distant Mist, Low Clouds, unsuccessfully. As he contemplates his impending death, he hears his father speak from Tanjiro’s body. Kotetsu arrives promptly to give him a breath of oxygen, and he is able to flee utilising Mist Breathing, Second Form: Eight-Layerered Mist, recalling that his father had said the same thing to Tanjiro previously.

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Muichiro regains all of his memories after fleeing the water prison. His rage for his brother’s death emerges in his demon slayer mark, which increases his speed and skills substantially. He walks inside the hangar and immediately confronts Gyokko, who observes his calm expression. Muichiro’s sword breaks when attempting to cut Gyokko’s Blood Demon Art: Octopus Vase Hell, leading Kozo to immediately give him a new one. Muichiro cuts the Demon’s strike and thanks Kozo, who says he was merely following Tetsuido’s instructions. When his name is spoken, Muichiro recalls his old swordsman’s concern for him and apologises internally, noting that he is fine now and employing Mist Breathing, Fifth Form:

Muichiro and Gyokko begin to taunt each other, the latter becoming enraged when the former abuses his pot. Muichiro smoothly counters with Mist Breathing, Sixth Form: Lunar Scattering Mist and Mist Breathing, Third Form: Scattering Mist Splash, slicing off the head of the demon fleeing towards a tree. Muichiro’s apathy enrages Gyokko once more, and he attacks, which Muichiro dodges and smiles about the futility of his attack.

Gyokko uses his Blood Demon Art: Killer Fish Scales, and Muichiro reacts with his Breath of Mist, Seventh Form: Darken Clouds, which he designed himself. When Gyokko tries to locate him in a sea of mist, Muichiro decapitates him with ease.

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The aftermath

Muichiro begins to foam at the lips from the poison and passes out after confirming that Kotetsu is alive, with his family thanking him for a job well done in his conscience.

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