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Information about Mitsuri Kanroji

Hashira’s current love interest and former disciple of Kyōjurō. She has an odd personality and superhuman strength due to her having much denser muscles than the average human. Her sword is made of a malleable metal that only she can wield properly. Mortally wounded in the final battle against Muzan, she declares her love for Obanai before dying alongside him.

Story of Mitsuri Kanroji

Mitsuri was born with supernatural strength and a strange hair color. She was considered a freak and was rejected from marriage because of these attributes. She was judged by her mother for not being able to be married and dyed her hair to fit in better with the other girls. But she is still rejected because she is clingy with her fiancé.

She then met Kagaya Ubuyashiki who told her to reject normality and accept what she was. Through this encounter, she joins the Demon Hunters and uses her talent and ridiculous strength to rise to the rank of Pillar. She also embraced the idea that she would find a man stronger than her to marry. It didn’t work out as she was much stronger and more capable than most of her co-workers except for her Pillar co-workers.

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Personality of Mitsuri Kanroji

Mitsuri is a very emotional person, always complimenting people in her head, which is probably why she is called “the Hashira of love”. She is rather shy and is always kind to others, especially Obanai, whom she seems to share a bond with, but is easily flustered and doesn’t take insults very well. However, despite his gentle demeanor, Mitsuri will show no mercy to Demons, instead expressing these feelings in a passionate tone.

She is, however, desperate to get married, as she wants to find a man stronger than her, which is rather difficult due to her playful physical strength.

Besides her rather emotional personality, Mitsuri can also come across as a bit childish at times. When asked to explain the process of obtaining the Mark of the Demon Slayer, she describes it using noises and sounds.

He is a very caring person, who always shows others his love, as his title of Hashira demands. She can be quite excited, hugging her friends after the battle against Gyokko and Hantengu.

When she is slashed by Muzan and pulled out of battle by Obanai, she says she wants to be useful and not drag others down. She even begs Obanai to come back and not get killed. It alludes to her love for him, the person she can finally feel and be loved for. She shares Obanai’s hope that they can reincarnate, meet and marry in another life.

Abilities and Powers of Mitsuri Kanroji

As the Hashira of the Demon Slayer Corps, Mitsuri is a very powerful swordsman.

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Mitsuri Kanroji’s natural abilities

Enhanced Speed: In her fight against Top Rank 4, she is able to outrun her normal attacks, forcing Top Rank to start using Blood Demon Arts. After awakening her Demon Slayer Mark, her speed increases further. That said, she isn’t as fast as some of her comrades in Hashira, as shown in the battle against Muzan, where she struggled to keep up with him, forcing him to rely on luck and instinct to to dodge. This proved unsuccessful as she was hit with multiple attacks, forcing her to withdraw from the fight completely.

Enhanced Strength: Since the age of one, Mitsuri has possessed immense strength that allows him to carry heavy objects, some of which weigh around 120 pounds. In the battle against Muzan, Mitsuri was even able to physically grab hold of one of Muzan’s tentacles and rip it off, without the aid of his blade.

Unique Constitution: Kanroji has a special muscle composition with eight times the density of a normal human. Although his limbs are slender, they possess unparalleled strength and stamina, able to maintain his body structure after a point-blank attack from the Fourth High Moon Demon. To maintain his body composition, Kanroji eats as much as three sumo wrestlers.

Flexibility: In addition to his extreme physical strength and body durability, Mitsuri possesses incredible flexibility and nimble reflexes. She is able to dodge and outrun attacks from the upper fourth rank and uses this unique constitution and flexibility to launch powerful attacks.

Demon Slayer’s Mark: During her fight against Hantengu’s clone of hatred, Zohakuten, Mitsuri unknowingly woke up and obtained her Demon Slayer’s Mark, which takes the shape of two upside-down hearts and opposed to each other with angel wings on both sides where the two ends of the heart meet which appear near his neck, near his collarbone. When this mark manifested, Mitsuri’s physical strength, stamina, accuracy, and power increased dramatically, to the point that she was able to stand on equal terms against Zohakuten, as he deployed his most powerful techniques against her.

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The art of the sword

A Unique Weapon: Mitsuri wields a “love sword” that is extremely thin and smooth as a whip. She has the fastest techniques of Hashira thanks to the strong flexibility of her blade, the softness of her muscles and the mobility of her joints. Due to the difficulty in wielding her sword, she is the only one who can use it. Like Shinobu Kocho, Obanai Iguro, Tengen Uzui, and Gyomei Himejima, the weapon Mitsuri wields was exclusively created for his use. Unlike Shinobu and Gyomei, who used their unique weapons to compensate for their flaws (relatively weak body and blindness), Mitsuri uses his weapon to take advantage of his natural gifts.

Breath of Love: Taking full advantage of her unique body constitution, Mitsuri has created a style of breathing that combines her immense superhuman strength and flexibility to create a unique yet strong style of swordplay. This style allows him to deliver multiple powerful blows to his target while maintaining immense speed, agility, and flexibility.

First Style: Chills of First Love – Kanroji dashes forward with a series of slashes.

Second Style: Love-Inducing Anguish – A long series of lashes.

Third Style: Lovely Kitty Shower – Kanroji jumps up and launches a series of ranged arcing attacks in quick succession.

Fifth Style: Hesitant Attachment: Messy Nails – Kanroji somersaults backwards through the air, creating a long series of whip-like attacks, before wrapping his sword around his opponent’s neck.

Sixth Style: Kitty Paw Love Breeze – Kanroji spins upside down and creates a spiral slash with his sword to deflect attacks.

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