Makomo | Demon Slayer Kimetsy No Yaiba


About Makomo

Makomo is one of Urokodaki’s disciples. She was killed while taking test to join the Demon Slayer Corps. Like Sabito, she was very talented. While battling, she used her speed to her advantage. Her spirit advises Tanjiro during his training. She and Sabito were killed by the Hand Demon which was captured by Urokodaki.

Makomo Hinokami Kepputan

Makomo’s story

Makomo and Sabito are not siblings, despite their tight relationship. Urokodaki took them in as orphans and adopted them both. During the final selection, she faced the Hand Demon that was stalking Urokodaki’s students. Angered by the demon’s taunts regarding the deaths of her co-workers, she was eventually grabbed by the demon and killed after being torn apart.

Personality of Makomo

Unlike Sabito’s aggressive personality, Makomo is patient and kind. She points out any errors in his technique to Tanjirou and corrects any bad habits he had unknowingly developed.

Makomo Face

Makomo Abilities and Powers

Although not much is known of her prowess as a candidate for the Demon Slayer election, she was noted for her ability to move quickly to compensate for her lack of physical strength in combat.