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Makio (まきを Makio?) is a secondary character in Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba. She is a kunoichi and one of Tengen Uzui ‘s wives .

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Makio is a young woman of average height, with a shapely and voluptuous figure, pale skin and large golden brown eyes, framed by protruding eyelashes at both ends, and thin eyebrows arching downwards, which gives her an air of determined and stubborn. She has black hair tied back with golden bangs that hang loosely, framing her face.

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Makio wears a red, striped, short, sleeveless dress that hits mid-thigh and reveals her cleavage. She wears a black obi in which she stores her kunaïs. She wears gray-colored bandages around her calves and up to her thighs, as well as various scars on her body. Her shoes consist of a pair of red strappy zōri.

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Makio has a stubborn personality similar to Inosuke Hashibira’s and is bold and confident in the way she acts. Of his two co-wives, Makio tends to have less patience with Suma. When the women fight the obi in the underground cave, Makio can be seen scolding her for being condescending, which irritates her somewhat. Later, when the three women reunite, Makio can also be seen slapping Suma and calling her a fool after she makes insensitive remarks about Hinatsuru’s death.

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However, Makio tends to have a soft side, as she begins to worry about Tengen ‘s declining health after their big battle, and clings to him in relief after Nezuko heals him.


At some point in her life, Makio married Tengen Uzui , along with Suma and Hinatsuru. After she left the clan, her family traveled to see Kagaya Ubuyashiki to fight as part of the Demon Slayer Corps.

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At some point in the past, Makio was instructed alongside Suma and Hinatsuru by Tengen on his personal ideology: putting their own lives first, then respectable humans, and finally himself. Later, when Makio questioned this idea privately, as it went against what they had been taught as kunoichi. Hinatsuru assured her that as long as she was okay with that, Tengen would approve of it too. She also wanted all four of them to withdraw from the front line as soon as they defeated a High Rank.


Entertainment District Arc

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Makio first arrives in the district to work undercover as a courtesan at the Ogimoto house, she tries to gather information about reports of a demon in the district and sends information back to Tengen via the crow. But one day, Makio is captured by Daki’s obi and is quickly interrogated about who she is sending the letters to. Refusing to denounce the mission, Makio is then abducted by the obi sash and stored in her underground bunker.

Later, when Inosuke discovers the bunker, he cuts the Obi, freeing Makio and Suma, and the two women help him protect the girls from being reabsorbed by the Obi. After reuniting with Tengen in the cave, Makio and Suma are freed and lead the evacuation of the citizens of the district.


After Makio and Suma manage to evacuate the citizens, they return near the end of the battle and find out about the aftermath. Makio and his co-wives rush to provide first aid to Tengen , but find that their antidotes don’t work to cure Gyutaro’s poison. After initially panicking about what to do, Nezuko approaches the group and heals Tengen with her abilities, allowing the women to rejoice and kiss her.

As the cleanup begins, Makio and his co-wives can be seen helping Tengen off the battlefield so he can begin to recover.

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Hashira’s Training Arc

Makio and his co-wives don’t appear much in the rest of the series, except for a brief moment with Uzui where they compliment Tanjiro on his training.

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General Abilities: Makio does not possess any form of superhuman ability. However, as she was raised as a kunoichi, Makio possesses some form of shinobi skill, being able to wield a kunai as well as perform maneuvers and combat far more effectively than ordinary people.



Standard Kunai: As a kunoichi, Makio carries two standard black kunai with her for combat, two of which she uses in melee combat and the others as ranged projectiles.

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  • According to the second fanbook, Makio is actually a distant cousin of Tengen .
  • Makio’s name contains only the hiragana of “ma” (ま?), “ki” (き?) and “wo” (を?) respectively.
  • The reason wo is pronounced and spelled “o” is due to outdated pronunciation in Japanese vocabulary.