Find out more about Giyu Tomioka.


Giyu Tomioka plays a significant role in Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba. Being the first Demon Slayer we see in the serie, and a member of the Pillars, being himself, the Water Hashira


(spoilers) Giyuu grew up with his sister Tsutako, whose parents died of disease when he was a child. Giyuu’s sister was later murdered by the Devil; she gave her life to protect Giyuu, despite the fact that she was to marry the next day. Giyuu informs everyone that the Devil killed his sister, but they assume he’s crazy and send him to a distant cousin (a doctor). On the way, Giyuu flees and nearly dies on the mountain, but he is saved by a hunter who knew Urokodaki Sakonji.

Urokodaki Sakonji later took Giyuu as a student. Giyuu met Sabito when he was 13 years old. Sabito is a gifted individual who is always willing to help people; Giyuu and Sabito are close friends due to their similar circumstances and ages. Sabito saved everyone in the exam during the Slaughter, and Giyuu also took part, although he was damaged by a demon strike and was about to pass out. Sabito goes to the cry for aid and begs another boy to assist Giyuu. The audition was over when Giyuu awoke, and only Sabito had died. Giyuu was constantly upset after that and chastised himself for being weak. He always attempts to keep his distance from other pillars when constructing a pillar since he believes he is unworthy.


Giyu is a tall, powerful young man with pale skin who shows no emotion. He has brown hair that is shoulder length with random twists and is tied in a moo pig tail with uneven blasts. His eyes are sapphire blue with smoky blue flecks, and he has thin brows. Giyu is dressed in the usual green evil spirit extermination squad outfit, which includes white buttoned legs and a mix of white zori with dull blue straps, as well as cyan beneath socks. Giyu also wears a haori with two distinct designs: the proper is reddish wine, and the cleared out is a three-dimensional shape with green, orange, and yellow squares. After that, these haori patterns are revealed to make room for his late sister, Tomioka Tsutako, and his late companion Sabito. He misplaced his right arm during the fight with Kibutsuji Muzan. Giyu’s hair was cut to his neck and pulled after the fight.


Giyu’s visage is virtually always expressionless. He is a quiet individual with a strong sense of justice, and he is unforgiving of those who do not understand their own limitations and waste their life. He does, however, allow Nezuko to live off of events. Despite being Tanjiro’s master, he had no qualms about murdering the other Demons and showed no regard for them, unlike most other Demon Slayers. Despite this, as Giyu was protecting Nezuko from Shinobu’s attempt to kill her, he broke the Demon Slayer’s laws. This demonstrates that, unlike some other Pillars, he doesn’t completely dismiss Demons and is willing to make an exception for one if they don’t kill and eat people. This demonstrates that, when confronted with the Devil, Giyu resolves a matter more rationally than the other Pillars, rather than succumbing to wrath.

Giyu is often underestimating what others think of him, so when Shinobu states he is loathed by everyone, he is taken aback. He, on the other hand, does not appear to be bothered by Shinobu’s other jokes. Do not pay attention to her. Despite this, Giyu and Shinobu remain close friends.

Giyu is a shy person who has trouble socializing with others, therefore he prefers to keep a safe distance from everyone. He even told Akaza that he despises talking and want to keep his name hidden from him because he believes it should not be uttered all the time.

Find out more about Giyu Tomioka.

Then it’s revealed that Giyu has become increasingly inferior as a result of his participation in the Final Selection. It became so serious that he considered resigning as the Water Pillar until Tanjiro convinced him that instead of acting out of guilt for being alive, he should cherish it. His remorse for being alive reappears when he believes Tanjiro perished following his struggle with Muzan. While crying, he says that he is always looking for someone to save him.

Despite his aloof and chilly demeanor, Giyu is constantly protective and caring for those he cares about and considers friends, willing to risk his life if Nezuko eats people. When the people he cares about are in danger, Giyu frequently loses his cool and expresses unpleasant emotions, such as when he is outraged at Akaza’s attempt to assassinate Tanjiro and shocked to learn of his death. Like the way Giyu wore his patterned two-piece haori outfit, he always remembers his loved ones. Giyu, on the other hand, only shows such feelings to a select few people, since he appears unresponsive to the news of Shinazugawa Genya, Tokito Muichiro, and Rengoku Kyojuro’s departure.

Giyu Tomioka Merchandise & Clothing

Natural ability, capacity, and strength

Excellent health and happiness

Giyuu possesses incredible stamina, and with just one basic cut, he can efficiently cut off the heads of powerful devils like Xia Ngu Rui. Giyuu, too, possess a high level of stamina, as he was able to continue fighting despite being severely injured, like he did during the encounter with Akaza.

Increased speed

Giyuu is extremely quick to vanish from a spot; he can effortlessly pass Tanjirou’s eyes the first time they meet, tie Inosuke’s hands and feet in an instant, or slay Rui and upset him. I had no idea. Giyuu’s unusually high level of swordsmanship, described by Akaza as “greatly frail and rich,” is the Water Column in subsequent decades with the highest elevated true control. In addition, he fashioned a weapon for himself. The diabolical seal of Giyuu Giyuu used his Demon Slayer Seal during his fight with Akaza, leaving a water ripple-like design on his cleared cheek. Making a difference in terms of improving his quality, speed, and stamina, as well as optimizing howdy

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