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Kyojuro Rengoku vs. Hairo

The battle between Kyojuro Rengoku and Hairo took place in Tokyo, Japan. It centres on a battle between Kinoe-ranked Demon Slayer Kyojuro Rengoku and the lower-ranked 2 Hairo.

Prologue of Hairo encounter

Kyojuro, Mitsuri Kanroji, and a demon slayer squadron are summoned to Tokyo to track down a probable member of the Twelve Kizuki. He divides the troop into two groups of two, with Mitsuri and Kyojuro heading off alone.

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Kyojuro standing up despite Hairo 's attacks 1

Battle against Hairo

Inside a nearby chapel, a chunk of dynamite is shown and explodes, causing a massive explosion. Kyojuro, Mitsuri, and the other Demon Slayers are profoundly disturbed by this. Mitsuri cries, “I want to aid Kyojuro!” and rushes to the explosion area to assist neighbouring civilians. A gunshot nearly rips his face off from the top of a nearby building before he gets too far. Kyojuro follows the bullet’s path to where it lands and discovers the source: a person firing a pistol from the very top of a skyscraper. The person is represented as a man dressed in a Western outfit with a black cape and clutching a Springfield M1903 sniper rifle. The man expresses his aggravation at not being able to murder Kyojuro’s “subordinate” and attempts to relax by reloading his revolver.

Rank Slayer Kinoe appears in front of him and attempts to decapitate him with Flame Breath, First Form: Unknown Fire, but he avoids the assault and only his right arm holding his sniper rifle is severed. The man relaxes and says that everything he has done has been for this day. He repeats Kyojuro’s surname, emphasising that everything is for now. The characters for Lower (下か ) and Two (弐に) appear on Kyojuro’s left iris, indicating that he is a member of the Twelve Kizuki.

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The Low Rank tells Kyojuro that the shame he felt was so great that he swore he would murder him. The Low Rank is shocked when Kyojuro asks him who he is, and he asks if he forgot who he is, but Kyojuro shouts that he has never met him before. To restore his calm, the Demon shoots himself in the mouth. As the Lower Rank informs that bombs have been planted across Tokyo, a tremendous explosion erupts behind the Demon Slayer.

Suddenly, a hail of bullets rain down on the Demon Slayer, who manages to deflect them all. The Lower Rank appears with Springfields, Mauser C96s, and a Webley revolver in his right hand, and fires a barrage of bullets at Kyojuro, who manages to avoid them. He hides behind a sign, pondering how to deal with the firearms, but the Lower Rank use their Blood Demon Art to summon multiple Mauser Model 1893 and Berthier rifles, which they fire at Kyojuro while the Demon Slayer destroys them and the billboard using Flame Breath, Fourth Form: the ripple of flowery flame. The Lower Rank is startled, and fires another bullet from a Gewehr 1888, grazing Kyojuro’s left cheekbone. He then swipes at the Lower Rank’s neck, but it’s in vain because their skin is exceedingly dark, with numerous concentrically rippling eyes covering all of their eyeballs. This negates the assault and prevents Kyojuro from using his Nichirin Blade to flee. After tormenting him, the Demon throws a tonne of dynamite sticks on the ground nearby, blowing himself and the top half of the structure up.

Kyojuro vs. Hairo 1

Mitsuri makes her way towards the building, but the Lower Rank swiftly follows her and regenerates, pinning her to the ground and yanking one of her hair braids. He starts telling her that Kyojuro is still alive and will be in excruciating suffering. He boasts that as a human, he specialised in torture, and he continues to taunt and reprimand Mitsuri. However, Kyojuro appears and uses Flame Breath, Fifth Form: Flame Tiger to stop the Lower Rank from attacking Mitsuri, kicking him in the neck and knocking him down. Kyojuro declares himself a demon slayer and vows to carry out his mission. Mitsuri and the rest of the Demon Slayers are ordered by Kyojuro to disarm the explosives around Tokyo. Kyojuro questions why the Lower Rank is so focused on him, but he insists that he will overcome him whatever. The Demon mocks her declaration, telling her that a sword cannot be defeated by a weapon, and that Demons are always stronger than the Demon Slayer Corps. Kyojuro recalls his mother’s encouraging words towards his family.

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