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Kyojuro Rengoku vs Akaza

Kyojuro Rengoku vs Akaza is a fight that took place outside the destroyed Mugen train. It focuses on the fight between the Flame Hashira Kyojuro Rengoku and the Upper Rank Three Akaza.

Demon Slayer the death of one of the protagonists of Mugen 1


After Tanjiro Kamado and Inosuke Hashibira battle Enmu and escape the crazy evil presence train with Nezuko Kamado, Zenitsu Agatsuma, and Kyojuro, Flame Hashira keeps an eye on Tanjiro’s wounds as Inosuke goes to save another traveler. He salutes the youthful evil presence slayer on his recently discovered capacity to utilize Total Concentration: Constant (Zen Shch Jch? ), and lets him know that this is the initial move toward turning into a Hashira.

Whenever Kyojuro sees Tanjiro’s midsection is dying, he encourages him to concentrate his taking to mend himself, which the youthful Demon Slayer does with Kyojuro’s assistance. Hashira, the Flame, illuminates Tanjiro that in the event that he can dominate his breathing, he will actually want to achieve substantially more and become a lot more grounded tomorrow than he was yesterday.

Similarly as Kyojuro illuminates Tanjiro that he doesn’t need to exceed all expectations since everybody has been saved, something jumps from behind the two Demon Slayers, tossing dust surrounding them.


When Tanjiro looks up, he finds a kanji in his irises that reveals it to be High Rank Three, which terrifies him. He then wonders why a High Rank would be in this particular spot. The High Rank lunges towards Tanjiro, swinging his hand and threatening to smash his skull, adding to his confusion. Rising Scorching Sun breaks the Demon’s arm in half and causes it to leap back, away from the Demon Slayers, with Flame Breathing, Second Form.

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While sucking the blood from his own arm, the Demon reassembles his limb and compliments Kyojuro’s Nichirin Blade, prompting Kyojuro to inquire why he was shooting at an injured person. The High Rank responds that he only hoped Tanjiro would stand in the way between him and Kyojuro, to which the latter asks if they have anything to talk about and declares that he despises him despite the fact that this is their first meeting. The High Rank claims that he despises lesser beings and that they disgust him while smiling. The High Rank then asks Kyojuro if he wants to become a Demon himself, to which Kyojuro responds that the two appear to have completely opposing moral ideals.

Kyojuro refuses right once, but the High Rank refuses to back down, claiming that he can tell Hashira’s strength just by looking at him and that they are approaching “supreme territory.” Kyojuro reveals himself as the Flame Hashira, Kyojuro Rengoku, and the Demon as Akaza. The Higher Rank goes on to say that, despite being so close, Kyojuro will never reach the Supreme Territory because he will get old and die before then. Kyojuro, according to Akaza, can train for hundreds of years to become even powerful than he is currently if he becomes a Demon.

Growing old and dying, according to Kyojuro, is the essential beauty of being human, and that humans are only lovely and valuable because of it. The Hashira claims that what people call strength does not apply to the body, and that Tanjiro is not weak and should not be ridiculed by Akaza. Regardless of the answer, Kyojuro looks the High Rank in the eyes and informs him that he will never become a Demon.

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Disappointed, the High Rank employs his Destructive Death development technique, threatening to kill Kyojuro if he does not become a demon. He rushes up to Kyojuro, and Hashira reciprocates by preparing the Flame Breathing, First Form attack: Tanjiro notices that they are going so quickly that he can only see sparks instead of following them with his eyes. They collide, and Akaza leaps into the air, declaring that none of the Hashira he’s killed so far have utilised flames, and none of them have accepted his invitation to become a demon. Akaza admits that he has trouble comprehending them, especially since Demons can only be selected. The High Rank says he is saddened by the thought of the decline of a wonderfully talented person, and tells Kyojuro to die now.

Akaza unleashes his Destructive Death: Air Type after being catapulted into the air and upside down, which Kyojuro counters with Flame Breathing, Fourth Form: Flourishing Flame Ripple. The Hashira observes Akaza assaulting him from afar, punching in the air and moving in a fraction of a second, and concludes that if he wants to defeat the Demon, he’ll have to get near to him. As the Hashira assaults him with its flames, Kyojuro appears in front of Akaza, complimenting his reaction speed. The High Rank compliments Kyojuro’s sword talents and wonders how sad he will be if they are lost too soon, to which the Hashira responds that it is natural for people to die.

When Inosuke comes, Tanjiro starts to stand up, hoping to assist Hashira, but Kyojuro tells him to stay put because his wound could reopen and be fatal. Akaza advises him to ignore the “weak” and concentrate on the opponent. Kyojuro, enraged, throws Akaza into a nearby forest, then rushes inside to finish him off. Akaza ambushes him from below, complementing his great moves, much to his astonishment. Kyojuro deflects his strike and cuts his arm, but Akaza retaliates by knocking him out of the forest with his legs.

Tanjiro and Inosuke shout out to him, concerned, while Kyojuro stumbles to his feet, mildly agitated. Akaza regenerates his lost arm and tells him he has no choice but to keep fighting. Kyojuro flatly refuses and reiterates his contempt for him. Kyojuro then rushes over to Akaza and uses Flame Breathing, Third Form: Blazing Universe to inflict a shallow cut near Akaza’s shoulder, which he heals quickly while marvelling at Kyojuro’s gorgeous technique. Kyojuro narrowly blocks the shockwave and flies back as Akaza unleashes his Destructive Death: Air Type technique, then rushes towards him and resumes his onslaught.

Inosuke watches in amazement and horror, remarking that even if he wanted to help, he would only be an obstacle, and that only death awaits him if he tries to approach them, as the two seem to be in a completely different dimension. As the Hashira and High Rank continue to trade blows, Akaza asks if Kyojuro is sure to continue fighting against him, as it could mean his end. Kyojuro ignores his banter and continues to attack but is countered by Akaza’s fist which creates a shallow cut on the left side of his forehead. Kyojuro momentarily backs off and then uses Flame Breathing, First Form: Unknown Fire which severs both of Akaza’s arms which almost instantly regenerates. He then calmly remarks that it would be a shame to kill Kyojuro at this exact moment as he hasn’t reached his full potential yet. Akaza suddenly lunges forward and punches Kyojuro in the guts, causing him to bleed. Kyojuro spits saliva and vomit but stays firm and performs Flame Breathing, Second Form: Burning Sun. Akaza avoids his technique and attacks Kyojuro, who only just manages to parry all of his hits with his katana. As he prepares to attack Kyojuro with a more powerful attack, Akaza continues to persuade him to become a demon, claiming that his strength and might will increase enormously in one or two years.

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Akaza attempts to attack Kyojuro with a strike increasing his strength, to which Kyojuro barely manages to block his attack. However, Akaza’s strength was able to overwhelm Kyojuro and crush his eye with his fists. Kyojuro staggers back but continues to grit his teeth at the onslaught and uses both his Flame Breathing, Third Form: Blazing Universe and Flame Breathing, Fourth Form: Flourishing Flame Ripple. Akaza dodges both attacks and regains his position while Kyojuro does the same, both then proceed to trigger different techniques, the former using his Destructive Death attack: Disorder, while the latter uses Flame Breathing, Fifth Form: Tiger of flames. The two close in on each other and Kyojuro manages to cut Akaza’s arm and cause a shallow cut on his chest. The residue of their attacks wears off, and Akaza tells Kyojuro, who is now bloodied and battered, having lost the functionality of his left eye, not to die on him just yet. Tanjiro and Inosuke panic, the latter wanting to take the plunge to help Kyojuro but quickly realizing he would only be an obstacle, as the Hashira and Upper Rank appear to be in a totally different dimension than his own.

Akaza shows Kyojuro that fighting with the goal of losing his body is futile, comparing the wounds he inflicted on him to the horrible wounds that now cover Kyojuro. He says that Kyojuro can no longer recuperate in his current state, but that if he were a Demon, he could regenerate in the blink of an eye. Humans will never be able to fight Demons, Akaza assures a tired Kyojuro.

Tanjiro tries to get up to help Kyojuro, but the aftereffects of forcing the Water Breathing into Kagura Hinokami, which he used to beat Enmu, prevent him from generating strength in his limbs. Kyojuro smiles as he turns around to face Akaza and says he’ll fulfil his duty before preparing another attack. Akaza praises Kyojuro’s battling passion and technique, laughing that he should have chosen to become a Demon and asks the Hashira to battle with him for eternity.

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Kyojuro tells himself to fire his heart and burn to the point of exhaustion. He then proudly declares his title as Hashira of the Flame and prepares the Breath of the Flame, Esoteric Art: Ninth Form, Rengoku, his family’s most potent breathing technique. Akaza prepares his Destroying Death: Annihilation Type as well, as the dust settles this time to reveal Akaza’s arm in Kyojuro’s solar plexus. Akaza cries that he is about to die and wants Kyojuro to inform the Top Rank that he is about to become a Demon, claiming to be one of the strong chosen ones.

This brings Kyojuro’s mother, Ruka Rengoku, to mind, and a flashback displays one of their final moments together. Ruka cautions a younger Kyojuro to consider what she is going to ask him before asking if he understands why he was born stronger than others. Kyojuro pauses for a moment before declaring that he has no idea. Ruka argues that he was given this power to defend the vulnerable, and that power should be utilised for the betterment of the planet and people, not for the harm of others. She informs Kyojuro that it is the responsibility of those born powerful to defend those born weak, and that he should never forget this.

Ruka hugs Kyojuro to her chest and, as she begins to cry, tells her that although she won’t live very long, it’s a blessing for her to have been the mother of such a strong and so strong child. soft.

Back in the present, as he gathers his remaining power to sever Akaza’s neck with his sword, Kyojuro expresses his gratitude to Ruka, claiming it was an honour to have her as a mother. As Kyojuro thrusts his blade deeper, Akaza attempts to hit him in the face, but the Hashira grabs his wrist and stops the attack before it reaches him. Kyojuro’s might astounded Akaza, as he managed to block the Demon’s blow when his fist was driven firmly into his solar plexus. He then turns to gaze behind Kyojuro and panics when he realises the sun is going to rise. Akaza attempts to free himself from Kyojuro’s grip, but the Hashira clings tightly to his wrist, unwilling to let him escape.

Tanjiro eventually summons the strength to pick up his sword and charge towards the duo, intending to strike Akaza with the fatal blow. Akaza tries to tear away from Kyojuro with a loud exertion cry, but the Hashira’s tenacious hold clings securely around his wrist. The blade of Kyojuro sinks deeper into Akaza’s neck, nearing the centre. Tanjiro cries at Inosuke to leave for Kyojuro’s sake, and Akaza manages to escape away from Kyojuro just as the boar-headed demon slayer prepares his Beast Breathing, first fang: Pierce.

The High Rank quickly jumps back, both of his arms now severed, and runs into the forest next to where they were fighting, leaving Kyojuro to fall to his knees, defeated.

Demon Slayer the death of one of the protagonists of Mugen 1 1

The aftermath of the fight

Tanjiro tosses his blade at Akaza as the Demon flees, crying at him not to flee the fight and labelling him a coward. Kyojuro is better than Akaza will ever be, the young demon slayer cries, since he fought till the finish and didn’t let anyone die, and Kyojuro was the legitimate winner of their war.

Inosuke begins to shake as Tanjiro lets out a final yell and goes to his knees, weeping. Kyojuro smiles and invites Tanjiro to come to him so they can have one last conversation before he dies.

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