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Information about Kyojuro Rengoku

The current Flame Hashira. He died in a battle against Akaza of the Twelve Kizuki while protecting Tanjiro and his friends. As a sign of respect for him, Tanjiro installs the hilt of Kyōjurō’s broken sword into his new sword.

History of Kyojuro Rengoku

Kyojuro is the eldest son of Shinjurou. His father was known as the Flame Pillar of the Demon Slayer Corps until his unexpected retirement.

During the Demon Train Arc, it is revealed that Kyojuro has a younger brother who trained alongside him until their father stopped teaching them. His strength is highlighted when he defends over 200 people from the demon massacre. He comes face to face with the third upper moon, Akaza, and confronts it head-on but is mortally wounded and succumbs to his injuries.

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Personality of Kyojuro Rengoku

Kyojuro was very enthusiastic about his duties as a pillar and often cheerfully eccentric. He was friendly, kind, and possessed extraordinary technique and swordplay, the result of strict practice and discipline. He was an honorable warrior who followed the code of morals and principles instilled in him by his mother at an early age – the most important being that those born strong have a duty to protect the weak.

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Kyojuro Rengoku’s abilities and powers

As Hashira of the Demon Slayer Corps, Kyojuro is a very powerful swordsman. Even Demons as powerful as Akaza, Rank 3 and the fourth strongest Demon known, have recognized Kyojuro’s strength. He even went so far as to offer to turn Kyojuro into a Demon so that he could overcome his human limitations and become stronger, something he only offered to swordsmen whose abilities he thought were honed to the max. Akaza also complimented his fighting spirit and said he is getting closer to the “realm of supremacy”, which means that he is close to getting the transparent world, which only the strongest Demon Slayers have access to. His father, Shinjuro Rengoku, stated that after his son abandoned what he had taught him, Kyojuro trained himself to the level of a Hashira after reading a book of instructions like “Breathing of the Flame”, a book that had only 3 volumes.

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Kyojuro Rengoku’s Natural Abilities

Master Swordsman: As a Hashira of the Demon Slayer Corps, Kyojuro is one of the most powerful and skilled swordsmen in the entire organization. His mastery of the blade is demonstrated in his battle with Akaza, where he is able to stand up to the Upper Rank even when severely injured.

Increased Strength: Kyojuro possessed great hand and arm strength which was described as “incredible” by Akaza despite the fact that he was severely injured during that time.

Improved Speed: Kyojuro could move at high speeds that even a trained Demon Slayer like Tanjiro couldn’t see or follow and could even cause tremors with him.

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The art of the sword

Flame Breathing – One of the main styles of breathing, this style has been adopted by the Rengoku family since ancient times and was passed down to Kyojuro from his father.

First Style: Unknown Fire – Kyojuro charges towards his opponent at high speed and decapitates him in one or more slashes. This technique had enough force to throw train carriages off the tracks in a short distance.

Second Style: Rising Scorching Sun – An ascending slash. Rengoku used this technique to cut Akaza’s arm in half.

Third Style: Blazing Universe – The user swings their blade downwards in an arc.

Fourth Style: Blooming Flame Undulation – Kyojuro spins his sword in a circular motion, deflecting his enemies’ attacks.

Fifth Style: Flame Tiger – A series of sword strikes that take the shape of a tiger. Rengoku used this technique to challenge Akaza’s War Style.

Ninth Style: Rengoku – A devastating sword strike that Rengoku threw from an elevated position. The technique had enough power to carve a deep impression into the ground where he used it. Before using this technique, he told himself that he had to “completely dig out most of the area”.