Kozo Kanamori | Demon Slayer Kimetsu No Yaiba

Kozo Kanamori

Kozo Kanamori (鉄か穴な森もり鋼こう蔵ぞう Kanamori Kōzō?) is a swordsman affiliated with the Demon Slayer Corps.

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Kozo is a man of medium height and build, with black hair on his chin that ends in a point. His hands are covered with visible blisters and he wears a Hyottoko mask on his face.

Kozo is usually dressed in a long light dress and a black haori.

Kozo appears as a gentle, soft-spoken individual. He is able to understand the fiery Hotaru Haganezuka and cares a lot about others, as can be seen when he continues to protect Hotaru from an attack by Gyokko, Upper Rank 5, despite being severely injured.

Kozo, on the other hand, is extremely passionate about his swords.

How to draw Kozo Kanamori


It is said that Kozo and his wife are such a perfect couple that they even look like each other.