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Kocho Shinobu’s Zodiac Sign and How It Defines Insect Hashira

Demon Slayer’s insect Hashira, Kocho Shinobu, was born on February 24 and is a fascinating embodiment of her star sign.

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Demon Slayer is currently one of the most popular shonen anime series. Its worldwide success can be attributed to a variety of elements, including Studio UFOtable’s excellent animation, the intriguing battle system, and the charming and intriguing characters in the plot.


Many admirers have admired protagonist Kamado Tanjiro for his kindness and bravery. Rengoku Kyojuro, the flame Hashira, and Kocho Shinobu, the insect Hashira, are two other emotionally complicated characters. Shinobu, who was born on February 24, is a Pisces, and her star sign can be deduced from this. In Demon Slayer, she embodies her sign in the following way.

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Kocho Shinobu is a Pisces, the astrological sign of the two Pisces

Pisces is one of the three water signs and is noted for its mystical and reclusive attitude. Water signs are considered to be smart, empathic, calculating, and receptive to mystical energies, implying that they are perceptive and intellectual. Pisces is a flexible and resourceful sign, able to adapt swiftly to changes and the people around them, as symbolised by its symbol of two fish swimming in opposite directions, according to astrological tradition. Furthermore, because Pisces is ruled by the 12th house, these people can use their prior knowledge and experiences to prepare for the future and, if required, wipe the slate clean. Pisces are active and optimistic, and for a water sign, they are fairly daring, while also believing in others and being idealistic.

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Pisces, on the other hand, can absorb the negative aspects of people and events around them and become melancholy or discouraged as a result. Pisces absorbs everything, which works in their favour most of the time but can also work against them. Because they can’t help but be sensitive and mentally in tune with the energy of the world around them, they must be careful who and what they expose themselves to.

Kocho Shinobu as Fish in Demon Slayer

Kocho Shinobu of Demon Slayer is not a model Pisces, although his temperament does reflect his star sign in some areas, such as his powerful emotions and sensitivity to others’ needs. When Shinobu was younger, she was fairly cruel for a Pisces, and she had no interest in adopting young Tsuyuri Kanao, but her older sister Kanae urged. Kanae was a true Pisces back then, a compassionate and understanding woman who placed others’ needs first and understood their worldview. Shinobu was sceptical at first, but that changed after Kanae was killed by demons.

Shinobu, a sensitive Pisces, was severely impacted by her sister’s death and absorbed a lot of negative mental energy as a result. That’s one of Pisces’ drawbacks: being depressed or angered by unfavourable events or people around you, and Shinobu has clung to those feelings ever since. When she encountered Tanjiro, her wrath was evident. A Pisces can’t let things go easy. Shinobu can cover her anguish and wrath behind a cheery facade, but she can’t hide her sensitive Pisces nature on the inside.

Kanae with Shinobu meeting Kanao

Shinobu, on the other hand, is adaptable and resourceful, and she has devised ingenious answers to all of her issues. She stepped into Kanae’s shoes as Kanao’s big sister and mentor while also developing her own fighting style. Shinobu is irritated by her lack of physical strength and stamina in comparison to her fellow Hashira, so she compensates by employing wisteria poisons and a creative Nichirin blade that is easier to wield. Shinobu would rather poison a demon than cut off its head, and in Demon Slayer, his unconventional fighting strategy works.

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Demon Slayers have it rough, and those who are physically fragile, like Shinobu, can’t afford to be self-pitying. Instead, she adapted and discovered the right match, which has served her well thus far. She also felt empathy for Tanjiro and Nezuko after knowing more about their tragic background, and she soon abandoned her plan to kill Nezuko directly. She can’t kill someone she knows so well as a Pisces.

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