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Kazumi (和かず巳み Kazumi?) is a villager. His bride, Satoko, was abducted and eaten by the Swamp Demon.



Kazumi is a young man with dark brown hair and brown eyes with white pupils. He wears a dull blue kimono with a dark sash and a light brown haori.


At some point, he met and got engaged to Satoko.

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First Arc Mission

Kazumi is seen walking together with his fiancée, Satoko, when she suddenly disappears. The next day, as Kazumi is walking through town with a depressed expression after being badly beaten by Satoko’s father, Tanjiro Kamado approaches him and asks him for clarification on his situation. Kazumi shows Tanjiro where Satoko disappeared, thinking he wouldn’t be believed. However, Tanjiro assures her that he takes her word for it. As Tanjiro smells the demon’s scent and runs after him, Kazumi follows, confused and later surprised by Tanjiro’s physical abilities. Tanjiro manages to save Tokie from the demon and entrusts her to Kazumi. After a brief fight between Tanjiro and the demon, Kazumi asks the demon to return Satoko to him.

With Nezuko’s help, Tanjiro defeats the Swamp Demon. He checks to see if Kazumi is okay and tries to comfort him by telling him that no matter what losses he suffers, he must go on living. Kazumi, still shocked by the confirmation of his fiancée’s death, asks Tanjiro how he can figure it out. However, thanks to Tanjiro’s understanding and tolerance, Kazumi realizes that he too suffered from the loss of one or more people important to him. Just before leaving, Tanjiro gives the Cloth along with all the Hairpins. Kazumi takes the Cloth and apologizes for saying he didn’t suffer, while thinking that Tanjiro shouldn’t have had to suffer such a devastating loss when he was still a young child. He notes his difficulties through the scars and roughness of his hands,

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Entertainment District Arc

As Tanjiro fights against Daki, Rank 6 Upper, Kazumi briefly appears in his memory as someone he doesn’t want to relive a bad experience because of the Demons.

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Abilities and Powers

As an ordinary, non-Slayer human, he possesses no additional powers or abilities.