Kagaya Ubuyashiki: Everything you need to know

In Demon Slayer: Kimetsu No Yaiba, Kagaya Ubuyashiki is an important supporting character. He is the 97th Demon Slayer Corps leader, dubbed Oyakata-sama by his comrades. He is also the Ubuyashiki family’s patriarch.

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Appearance Kagaya Ubuyashiki Demon Slayer

Kagaya has a fair complexion and long black hair. Kagaya’s skin has a curse mark that is slowly killing him. This curse discolours his skin and obscures his vision, making it difficult for him to see. This curse had grown throughout his body by the time he died, making it nearly impossible for him to move. In Kagaya, Muzan described his death as bearing the Buddha’s smile.

Kagaya Ubuyashiki

He frequently wears a black kimono over a white kimono with a pink flame pattern and a long white haori. This one begins at his calves’ furi and ends at his hem’s fuki.

Personality Kagaya Ubuyashiki Demon Slayer

Kagaya is composed and genuinely concerned about the Demon Slayers. Kagaya is candid about his weaknesses and can accept criticism effectively. Despite being their commander, one of his flaws is his inability to defeat demons. To catch up, he keeps a register of all the members of the body. He visits their graveyard every day until he can’t move because of the curse.

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Although he may seem sweet, he is thoughtful and knows how to keep reason. This was seen when he accepted Tanjiro and Nezuko‘s condition after receiving a letter from Sakonji Uokodaki and even advocated for them when others disagreed.

He employs words and intonations to keep the audience attention, despite his flowing and easy-to-understand approach. His attractive and sensitive speech can even make Muichiro Tokito, a meek person, and Sanemi Shinazugawa, an impulsive person, listen without saying anything to annoy them.

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The cursed family of Kagaya causes him to be stern with his own children. However, he maintains the same calm and compassionate demeanour with them.


When Kagaya became the Demon Slayer Corps’ leader, he was just four years old. In addition, Kagaya met Amane for the first time when he was just 13 years old.


He married her because he needed her to help him with his medical troubles. But he would only marry her if she would take care of him for free.

Abilities Kagaya Ubuyashiki Demon Slayer



The Kagaya and Ubuyashiki dynasties have exceptional foresight, allowing them to escape tragedies and amass vast wealth and fortune. Without knowing the details, Kagaya was able to properly foresee numerous things. Muzan’s last weakness, he rightly prophesied, would be the sun, and he would not be killed by decapitation.

Soothing voice:

Kagaya has the capacity to calm others down with his tone of speech and the pace of his actions, as he did with Tanjiro Kamado and even the savage Hashira. This quality, now known as the 1/F Fluctuation, is said to be held by charismatic persons who have the ability to move big crowds with their presence.

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