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Insect Breathing

Insect Breathing (蟲むしの呼こ吸きゅう Mushi no kokyū?) is a breathing style derived from flower breathing.

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Insect Breathing is a style of breathing that mimics insects, specifically their deadly stings and moves, and replicates them with the user’s moves, techniques, and abilities. Most, if not all known techniques and forms include stabbing, thrusting and shallow slashing with a specially designed sword to inflict multiple wounds on the intended target in order to inject various lethal poisons based on them. of wisteria. Users who master Insect Breathing see themselves as magical insects when using these techniques.

This breathing style is the personal creation of Shinobu Kocho, who designed it to compensate for his lack of physical strength to decapitate a Demon. Therefore, this style of sword can only be wielded by her and only with the help of a unique katana with a needle-like tip, the appearance and function of which resembles a stinger. bug. The “stinger” is designed to inject wisteria poisons into Demons.

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Known users

Known techniques

Insect Breath has at least 4 known techniques and forms.

  • Butterfly Dance: Caprice (蝶ちょうノ舞まい 戯たわむれ Chō no mai: Tawamure?) – The user leaps into the air and charges towards the opponent and stings them multiple times with their blade to inject poison.
  • Bee Stinger Dance: True Flutter (蜂ほう牙がノ舞まい 真ま靡なびき Hōga no mai: Manabiki?) – The user dashes at their target with blinding speed and uses the momentum of their speed to then reinforce a single push on his opponent and inject him with poison.
  • Dragonfly Dance: Hexagon of Compound Eyes (蜻せい蛉れいノ舞まい 複ふく眼がん六ろっ角かく Seirei no mai: Fukugan Rokkaku?) – A six-hit attack that the user aims to hit and to inject his target with multiple doses of poison at his weak points (such as neck, heart, torso, etc.) in order to kill him with a high dose of poison.
  • Centipede Dance: Hundred-Legged Zigzag (蜈ご蚣こうノ舞まい 陌ひゃく足そく蛇じゃ腹ばら Gokō no mai: Hyakusoku Jabara?) – An attack where the user uses all their speed to run in a zigzag and confound his opponent in order to create an opening for him to directly stab his opponent’s neck and inject poison to kill him, with the dagger’s strength and power further enhanced by the momentum of his speed. Doma noted that the sheer speed of this technique is strong enough to destroy an entire wooden bridge.
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Game-exclusive techniques

  • Butterfly Dance: Caprice, Illusory Light (蝶ちょうノ舞まい 戯たわむれ・幻げん光こう Chō no mai: Tawamure – Genkō?) – The user unleashes a barrage of short straight thrusts with their sword and leaps into the air while standing transforming into a gigantic butterfly before slamming its blade straight down to the ground, cracking the surrounding terrain and creating a massive crater in its wake.
  • Rapid Thrust (速はや足あし突づき Haya’ashi Tsuki?) – The user quickly dashes towards their opponent and performs a single thrust with sufficient speed to simulate teleportation.
  • Upward Thrust (昇のぼり突づき Nobori Tsuki?) – The user dashes towards their opponent and performs an upward thrust which propels them into the air.
  • Sixfold Thrust (六ろく連れん突づき Rokuren Tsuki?) – The user throws six short but very fast thrusts towards their opponent.
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