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How does the Demon Moon of Muzan ranking system work?

Demon Slayer’s Muzan Kibutsuji isn’t one to give up, especially since he has the Twelve Demon Moons at his command. Here is who they are.

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Demons are frightening in general, but this is especially true in Demon Slayer. The Demon Slayer Corps’ very existence is their raison d’être, and it’s no exaggeration to state that these horrible beasts constitute the series’ biggest threat to humanity. They have far too much strength for a normal person to manage, as well as regenerative qualities that make killing them tough. These demons can obtain magical abilities if they eat enough people.


Muzan Kibutsuji, the demon spawner, is so powerful that Tanjiro Kamado and the Demon Slayer Corps can barely keep up with him. Worse yet, the adversary is not acting alone, but the twelve evil moons work for him. This is how the ranking system works.

What are the twelve demonic moons?

Silhouette of Upper Rank Demons

The Twelve Demon Moons are precisely what they seem to be: the twelve most powerful demons, second only to Muzan himself in terms of power. The Twelve Demon Moons were transformed in the same way as practically all of Demon Slayer’s demons were after receiving Muzan’s blood in some way. The latter, on the other hand, acquired far more blood from Muzan, greatly increasing their power and amplifying their Blood Demon Art.

Kamanue about to be killed by Muzan 1

The Twelve Demonic Moons were assigned three responsibilities. First, they had to locate the legendary Blue Spider Lily, which Muzan thinks will provide him an immortal body free of flaws. The Demon Slayer Corps had to be confronted and slaughtered next. Finally, they must serve him with complete devotion and make themselves available to him at all times.

How are the demons of Muzan classified?

Wakuraba killed by Muzan 2

The upper and lower ranks of the twelve demonic moons are separated into two categories. Naturally, higher-rank demons are significantly more powerful than lower-rank demons, and they appear to harbour a grudge towards the lower-rank demons. Higher-ranking demons are capable of fighting and killing a Hashira, whereas Hashira are capable of slaying lower-ranking demons. Heroes should avoid higher-rank demons, especially if the Hashira is working alone.

Demons are graded from one to six, with one being the most powerful and six being the weakest. Muzan prefers Higher Ranks due of the difference in strength. Because he values utility and power, he even slaughtered lower rank demons later. Similarly, only the most powerful individuals can withstand drinking a large amount of his blood without turning to ash.

The Lower Moons Gathered 1

Who is the strongest Moon Demon?

The one who has the title of Upper Rank One, Kokushibo, a former demon slayer named Tsugikuni Michikatsu, is the most powerful of the twelve. Yoriichi, the originator of the original Solar Breath, was his older twin brother. Michikatsu was envious of his brother’s intelligence, which grew even stronger when Yoriichi survived to be an elderly man despite waking his Demon Slayer Mark. Michikatsu accepted Muzan’s offer to change him into a demon because of his envy and dread of death after earning his own demon slayer markings.

Wakuraba called in the Dimensional Infinity Fortress 1

Only his boss could match Kokushibo’s fighting prowess. He was able to completely utilise his Total Focus Breathing and Demon Slayer Marks despite his change into a demon. He also possessed a variety of demonic skills, including greater strength, regeneration, flesh manipulation, and much more. To take him down, three Hashira and a rather powerful Demon Slayer had to work together, and they didn’t come out unharmed.

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